How to catch a star

May 19th

Go to Funnybones – Mystery tour.


May 12th

ACTIVITY 1: Complete the following interactive worksheets.

  1. Count and match 1.
  2. Count and match 2.

ACTIVITY 2: Do you want to act out the story? Here you are the characters and a little dialogue. You can send me a video at


  • I want to catch a star, but it’s high up in the sky…
  • I can fly with my red spaceship, but it’s out of petrol…
  • I can ask the seagull for help, but the seagull flies away…
  • I can catch a star in the sea, but it’s only a reflection…
  • Look! There’s a star on the beach. Now I have a star!

Copy and paste the dialogue into the web to listen to it.


ACTIVITY 3: How to draw a star


May 4th

ACTIVITY 1: Complete the following interactive worksheets.

  1. Listen and repeat.
  2. Listen and match the numbers 1-10.
  3. Listen and match the numbers 11-20.

ACTIVITY 2: Can you help to guide the boy towards the star?

  1. Choose the correct option.

ACTIVITY 3: Make a spaceship with toilet paper. Email a picture of tour spaceship to


April 28th

ACTIVITY 1: Complete the following interactive worksheets.

  1. Choose the correct option 1.
  2. Choose the correct option 2.
  3. Choose the correct option 3.
  4. Choose the correct option 4.
  5. Choose the correct option 5.
  6. Choose the correct option 6.

ACTIVITY 2: Sing the song.

ACTIVITY 3: Printable worksheet. Join the dots.


Are you having fun? Leave a comment below or let me know at


April 21st

ACTIVITY 1: Watch the story

ACTIVITY 2: Complete the following interactive worksheets.

  1. Put the story in order.
  2. Story vocabulary.
  3. Colours.
  4. True or false?

ACTIVITY 3: Can you spot the 4 differences? Printable worksheet.

Once you have done it, you can email me with your drawing at, send a photo to the school’s phone or leave a comment below.

April 28th

Coming soon.

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2 thoughts on “How to catch a star”

  1. Dear Aleix,

    The work is done! It is nive to see Lluc improving his vocabulari during the proposed activities.

    Castellví Mingo family

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