Recycling family raise thousands

Strauss family raise £2,800 from used crisp packets

A family of passionate recyclers from Longhope in the Forest of Dean, have raised hundreds of pounds from recycling used crisp packets.

Richard and Rachelle Strauss, and daughter Verona, launched a scheme to dispose of empty wrappers environmentally earlier in the year.

They set up a recycling point in their local Tesco store to accept wrappers, which are normally sent to landfill.

After three months they collected some 12,000 crisp packets, weighing 21kgs.

The crisp packets were then sent to the Philippines, where they were sanitised and woven into handbags and pencil cases.

The new products, which are sold across the Philippines and the UK, were then sold for £2,800.


  • Two uniforms, shoes, and school supplies
  • Transport to and from school
  • Two meals a day
  • Medical needs for the entire family
  • Two school trips All items for one child for one month

“This is a fantastic result which will make a difference to the lives of families in the Philippines,” said Rachelle.

“Once these crisp bags are made into products, the profits will keep 12 children out of poverty for a year and enable them to get an education.”

Richard added: “We would love to see other stores setting up collection points for recycling crisp packets.

“If we can divert empty crisp packets to the Philippines we can turn the lives around of children.

Last year, the Strauss family sent just one dustbin full of waste to landfill – everything else was reused, composted or recycled.

Their progress can be followed on their My Zero Waste website.

Story from BBC NEWS:


Read the article and post a comment by answering the questions below. Use the dictionary to find the meaning of those words you don’t understant and add them to your personal glossary.

  1. How did the family collect all the used crisp packets?
  2. Have a look on the Internet: What is TESCO?
  3. How many wrappers did they collect in three months?
  4. How many kilos did they weigh?
  5. How much did the family win?
  6. The wrappers were recycled in Philippines and converted into ________________________
  7. When these products were sold, what did they use the profits for?

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