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Welcome back

First of all, we hope you have had a great summer holiday and you feel ready to take on the new school year. So, welcome to our English blog. It has been created with the goal of helping you during your final course at IES Argentona. We can exchange information, give ideas always bearing in mind the same target, that is, improving your English.

As a present, we want to show you the following video. So, watch it and if you don’t mind we can discuss it later.

1. Have you ever been sitting in a boring room? Where?
2. Did it rain yesterday?
3. Have you ever wasted your time? When? Why?
4. Have you ever changed any of your points of view?
5. Have you ever felt lonely? When? What did you do?
6. What does wonder mean?

Finally, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us in case of doubt!

Eva Colomer and Jaume Buera


You have to correct pages 4,5,6 and 7 from your workbook. Moreover, you have to correct pages 8 and 9 too. Remember to send us your comments on “mobiles” and “privacy”.

See you on Monday!

Unit 1: Privacy

Read and answer  the following questions

1. What would you do if a boy / girl you liked ignored you?
2. Is privacy important to you? Would you build a website showing yourself and what you usually do? Why / Why not? (explain)
3. Who is the most sensitive person you know? Why?
4. Where do teenagers gather in your town at weekends?
5. What do you do when someone keeps interrupting you?

Unit 1: Mobiles

We have already started unit 1. The topic is “Are you mobile?“. In this unit you’re going to discuss the use of mobile phones in different cultures and examine their own use of mobile phones. Read and try to answer the following questions because we would like to know the role mobiles have in your life.

1. What does your mobile mean for you?
2. Can you imagine your life without your mobile?
3. How often do you change it? Why?
4. Do you use all the applications they have? (Explain if your answer is negative)
5. Are you a mobile phone addict? Why?
6. Can you describe the typical use of mobile phones in our country? Is it similar to, or different from the descriptions in your book?

Do not hesitate to send us your opinions as soon as possible!!!