Third day ahead!

What an incredible day today! We went to York Castle Museum and we had a nice workshop about the Swinging Sixties. After lunch, we went shopping for a while just before visiting the Minster, one of the most important cathedrals in the world.

We did some more shopping and after dinner, we had fish and chips today! We went to the school to watch a film with our new friends.

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Our second day in this fabulous city.

Today we have spent a lovely day with our British friends at Knavesmire school. We have done Language and Music lessons. It was so great. We have been speaking and listening English in real life, woooooow

Then, we have visited the Yorvik Dig museum. We have been digging and discovering lots of things from the past.

After dinner, we have done an amazing sports activity with our new friends. What a beautiful day!!!!

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