A partir d’aquest segon trimestre i fins a final d’aquest curs 2014-15, l’alumnat de 3ESO participarà en el projecte Etwinning PhotoBiography on també hi participen centres escolars de set països d’Europa i el nord d’Àfrica:


El curs 2013-14, alumnes de 3ESO participen en el projecte Etwinning “Let’s be friends for future”.
let's be friends

Aquest projecte es fa en llengua anglesa juntament amb els centres educatius:
– Karadeniz Ereli Anadolu Lisesi, Zonguldak (Turquia)
Gimnazija Bernardina Frankopana Ogulin, Ogulin (Croàcia)
Secondary school “Georgi Izmirliev”, Gorna Oryahovitsa (Bulgària)

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The main aim of this projects is to get students acquainted and be their friends for future. In this projects, students will improve their communication and ICT skills. The project will last three months.

In the first step,students will make a short video and introduce themselves to other friends. They can add their families and pets,too. In the second step,they will introduce their school and city to their friends.It will be in an emag formation. In the third part pupils make a video conference with their firends in other countries ,they will also talk to eachother on Skype and etc. In the fourth part they will search for the popular jobs of the future and they will tell us what they want to be in the future and why. Finally ,they will say goodbye to eachother,they will video themselves and explain their feelings about the project

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