Hello Granny

Hello Granny Lesson 4

Hello. How are you? How old are you?

What’s the weather like?

Count to 20. Count back.

Say the name of the toys.

Give a number to each toy. Say a number, students say the toy or the other way around.

Teach the structure: IT’S A… KITE. Use toy flashcards.

IT’S A …

Point a toy. It’s a car. Yes or not? No, it’s a bike.

YouTube Preview Image

Page 4 and 5. Point the green toys box. It’s a green toy box.

What number is it? What colour is it? a purple bike (13)…

Make two teams and give its members a number. Say number two. It’s red (numbers two touch something red).

CD1 track 10. Listen and point. Have some students repeat.

Have some students play in front of the class.

AB page 5.

Goodbye routine track 7.


Hello Granny Lesson 3

CD1 track5.

Hi! … Hi Mr. Alonso!

What’s your name? How old are you? What´s the weather like?

Flashcards: family members, numbers from one to ten

Introduce numbers from 11 to 20. Use a kid and his fingers.

Practice by pairs, draw a number on your partners back.

Look at page 2 and 3 stairs, they bring you to the attic. Many houses have ATTICS!

Granny has many things, many misteries. Josh and Emma like SORPRISES.

Can you see some books? Josh and Emma love Granny´s books.

CD1 track 7. Listen.

Listen again and act.

Listen, sing and act.



Classbook. What is number 11? (toys)

One student says a toy. The class say the number.

CD1 track 9.

Activity book pg4

Activity book pg 55


Session 3

CD 1 track 5

Hello I´m Mr. Alonso. What´s your name? How old are you?

Say numbers one to ten, ten to one.

Family flashcards. Josh and Emma from the book are… brother and sister.

Put all the flashcards on the board, say them all, take one down, say them all, take one down…

Stick one flashcard and write its name under it, stick another one… Point and say.

Open classbook on page two and three. Where is Emms? Is she Josh’s brother or sister?

CD1 track 3. Correct it. Order the family flashcards on the board according to the CD.

CD 1 track 4. Listen and repeat. Pause after each name and repeat. In pairs, say one family name and point it in the book.

CD 1 track 5. Look at the picture, look at the spiral stairs! Listen. Draw a house and write Granny´s house inside. Practice first paragraph. Body language.

Play again, pause after each line and repeat.

Practice second paragraph.

Sing ll the song.

Activity book page 3 CD1 track 6


Online and review activities

Worksheets for 1-10 http://bit.ly/NXD1D5
11 – 20 http://bit.ly/NmiJl9
and 20 – 100 http://bit.ly/P8





– Number games for 1-10 http://bit.ly/Onyo5e
11-20 http://bit.ly/QDtdyD
– Pronunciation practise http://bit.ly/QaVeeYFor younger children:
– Ten Little Aeroplanes song http://bit.ly/PeE0tL 

For older children:
– Class speaking activity http://bit.ly/U6cjoH
– Math in English game http://bit.ly/PeEhg3
– Find the hidden number http://bit.ly/S7vBbu

– Practice writing: Tell us about what numbers mean to you http://bit.ly/ODwrxp


Day 2

Hello, what’s your name? How old are you? Seven, eight?

How are you? I’m fine thank you.

Open your books. Page 2 and 3. Point to the Granny. Who is this? What does she say? Do the same for all the characters.

Emma and Josh go to Granny’s house everyday after school. Granny writes story tales for children. She has a cat. She is typing a story on the computer right now. Can you see that number on the computer. What number is it?

CD 1 track 1. Look at the top of page three. Listen.

Listen again. Have students answer the questions.

Listen again and have students repeat. A: Whats your name. B: My name is… A: How old are you? B: I’m…


Count from one to ten. Slowly. Try to reach to 20.

YouTube Preview Image

Have students look at the number names on page 3

Have word cards for these numbers.

Say number randomly and have students raise their word cards.

Play CD1 track 2. Students are to raise their word cards when they hear the number.

Have student come up at front and stick the word cards in order on the blackboard.

In pairs, one shows a number with his/fingers and the other says the number.


Use the book, find number 1 to ten on the picture. What is number 1? And 2?

Activity Book page 2. (Draw an example of yourself on the blackboard).


Day 1

  • Introduce each others’ name. Use a ball.
  • Sing the song:
YouTube Preview Image
  • Introduce the weather poster.
  • Set the class rules.
1. Sit quietly(Estigues assegut i en silenci) 


2. Raise your hand

(Aixeca la mà per parlar)


3. Listen and work

(Escolta amb atenció i treballa)

Go over colors and numbers.

YouTube Preview Image


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