Welcome class!

Hello everyone!

This is Gemma Salvia’s blog, your teacher of ENGLISH online office 2012-2013.

Come in and have a seat! I encourage you to be very communicative and fearless with learning a new language, which means to treat mistakes as something positive and sometimes even essential.

On this site you’re invited to leave your comments, summaries or opinions about different projects, activities or readings that we will work in class.

Remember you must jot down your name and be respectful with everyone and everything.

Bye for now!






Gemma Salvia

Teacher of English

IES Guinovarda (Piera)

7 Responses to Welcome class!

  1. michael torres 2C says:

    hi, gemma!
    I’m studying English!

    good bye!!!!!

  2. Hola gemma ami les classes me agradarian que fossin les classes aixi com divertides un dia premiat de anar als ordinadors i anar a on volguiesim del ordinadors o jugar als j0cs de taula. Ami el angles se me dona genial no tinc problemes en aprovar

    Un saludo

  3. adrian morante almarcha says:

    hello gemma!!

  4. laia millan martinez says:

    He fet els exercisis de gramàtica, els quatre primers i he fallat mots pocs.

  5. ivan garcia says:

    M’han anat molt bé i he tret en tots el exercicis meys un un 100%

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