Dictation unit 3. 6th grade

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Sóc mestra d'anglès. Faig un taller en anglès al CS. He fet un PELE als cursos 2006-2009. He participat a 5 intercanvis d'etwinning amb Anglaterra, Grècia, Polonia, República Checa i Romania. Sóc escriptora.

12 thoughts on “Dictation unit 3. 6th grade

  1. Hello Africa, one thing in the dictation will leave the title and the text or anything but the text that appears in the dictation of the blog?

    Hola Africa, una cosa en el dictado saldra el titulo y el texto o nada mas el texto que sale en el dictado del blog?

    Bye, Bye Maria!! 🙂

  2. Hello , Africa! 🙂

    This dictation is very long , but very easy :p

  3. The dictation is exellent,but difficult 😉

    by M-L-T 😀

  4. The dictation is very good 😀 🙂 🙂 🙂

    By: Lydia

  5. Hello Africa!! <3
    This dictation is excellent, it's very easy but very long!!! 🙂
    I only had a foul!!! 🙂

    Bye,Bye!! <3

  6. The dictation is very well! I like it. and I’ve only made ​​two faults!! 😀 🙂 😉

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