Graphic design workshop

On Monday 27th, Cristina Guillot, from the Escola Universitària ERAM (associated with the UdG) came to our school to train our students in basic aspects of marketing and graphic design.

The 1-hour workshop was used to give tips on formats, colour range, products and software that our students will be using in order to create the graphic design section for the first marketing campaign of our project.

With this information, we have now the tools to start creating flyers, brochures and posters.

The collaboration with ERAM will surely continue in the future as we continue with the project.

Thanks Cristina!

The students in the project

After a few weeks, we have our Erasmus+ team: 16 boys and girls from our school, willing to work on this 2-year project.

Their names are: Aina Manyé, Angie Lagos, Ariadna Sidera, Gerard Juncà, Iria Escoda, Jen Elvir, Josep Bosch, Júlia Brugués, Laura Ribas, Laura Sainz, Luca Zucchero, Mar Majuelos, Mirna Vilà, Nina Casacuberta, Paula Marroyo and Robert Cioaca.