Wellcome to the 1st and 2nd grade english corner


Hi families,

here you will find all resources we use in the class, so children can explane you what we do everyday.

We allways begin the class with our routines. Fisrt we sing the hello song:

Then my english assistant help me to tell what’s the weather like that day:

After this we remember the days of the week to be able to write the date:


To finish the routine we remember what season is it.

THE WATER CYCLE – 3rd grade



Click on the image to view our 3rd graders:








Click on the image to view our 4th graders.












This year our school has started a new project called GEP (Grup d’Experimentació per al Plurilingüísme), launched by the Department of Education. We will be part of this  project during the following academic years: 2015-2016 i 2016-2017, with the intention to give continuity and expectations to this project.

The main objective of this project will be improving the linguistic and plurilingual competence of our students. We will achieve this objective by increasing the exposure of English language from other non linguistic areas. In our school we will do it in the area of Social and Natural Science.

During the first and second term some of our staff members have received specific training and have created different projects with appropriate materials, in order to implement it in the 3rd and 4th grade classes.

Click on the following link to read more:





Visiting London



Hello again 6th grade children!! Practice your listening skills with this audio. Please don’t forget to write a comment.







Jobs and routines



HELLO 4th grade children!!

Let’s learn more vocabulary about jobs. Can you paint the words to show which job they are used for? Click on the image to start playing. Remember to send a comment!!












What time is it?


Hello 3rd grade children! This is a great activity to practice time. Click on the image to start. Remember to write a comment when you finish!


Time cat 2





Learn more about nature!


Hello again 6th graders!

You can revise and learn new words about nature. Click on the image below, practice and write a comment. You can do it!!



Practice your listening skills!


Hello 6th grade children!

You can practice your listening skills by clicking on the image below, and do the online excercises. In this web page there are also grammar and vocabulary exercises. Please write a comment and let me know!


Menu picture

School Exchange 5h grade: Osted Fri of Efterskole/ Escola Volerany

Dear families,
This semester we have started an educational  exchange with a school in  Denmark, in the small village of Lejre.
Children of 5th grade prepared these amazing Power Point presentations, writing about themselves. At the same time children from the school Osted Fri of Efterskole in Denmark sent us this wonderful video showing their daily routines at school.
They have also sent Christmas cards to them by ordinary mail. They did a great job!!
Next term there will be more interesting activities to share as part of their learning process in the area of English.
The English Team.

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