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Let’s play drama!

4th and 6th class are practicing “Little red riding hood” and “The jungle book” to perform by the end of school year. Here you can see some of the rehearsals.

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Dates express

5th and 6th levels started English talking a little bit. In one minute they had to start a conversation with four different people. It’s very dynamic.

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Welcome back!

Hello everyone! Holidays are over and it’s time to start school. Remembering your holidays, I ask you where you did go this summer. Answer this post.

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Casting “Robin Hood”

This year 6th class is preparing the Robin Hood play. We started with the casting. Here you have the videos where kids cited some lines from one of the story characters.

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Robin Hood play

On 27th April, we will visit Mataró to see “Robin Hood” by Ipa Productions. Here you have the songs of the story. Robin Hood, Robin Hood The Sheriff of Nottingham Money, money,money

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Let’s play theatre!

On 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th grade classes, we are going to work on theatre. The stories are: -Little Red Riding Hood. -Peter Pan. -The jungle book. -Robin Hood. Now we are doing the castings for the plays.

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What is your favourite Carnival costume?

Carnival is coming. What is your favourite costume? Have your say!

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Hello, what’s your name?

6th grade students are working on meeting people. Here you have some examples.

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