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Christmas carolers

On Friday morning, 6th class students visited other classes to sing Christmas carols and wished them merry Christmas.  

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Singing carols to the Escola Bressol

P4 and P5 sang Christmas carols to little ones. P4 sang We wish you a merry Christmas. P5 sang Ring those bells.

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Christmas concert 2015

Last Friday 19th December the Christmas concert took place. Like each year, children sang Christmas carols in English. 1st cycle sang When Santa got stuck at the chimney 2nd cycle sang Fum, fum, fum 3rd cycle sang a Christmas mix … Continue reading

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Santa Claus is coming to the school!

On Tuesday afternoon, kids had the Santa’s visit. Little kids said hello to Santa and gave their letters. They were really excited.  

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Christmas is near!!!

It’s December !!! It means that Christmas is near. In the English classes, we will start doing Christmas activities such as Christmas carols, decorations, Santa’s letter, etc. On the following days, you will see samples of them. The Christmas countdown … Continue reading

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6th class performs the Thriller choreography for all the school. Thriller 2 Thriller 1

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Celebrating Halloween…

These days we are celebrating Halloween at the school through games, songs, stories, videos. Here you are the Halloween catwalk by 5th class Here you are The Trick or Treat of 3rd class. Here you are a song from 4th … Continue reading

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4th class visits Caldetes!

4th class is working on the town in the English class. Last Friday we went to visit the town places in Caldetes. It was a very interesting excursion.

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Hello P4 and P5 classes!

This year P4 and P5 classes started English. They are discovering English through games, songs, stories. Also they have a mascot in the English classroom. P4 has got a seahorse called Bubble and P5 has got a bird called Birdy. … Continue reading

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