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Easter hunt!

To celebrate Easter, P5 class play to an Easter hunt where they have to find a chocolate egg with their names. Have a look how they did it.  

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Doing castings!!

3rd  4th class groups are going to perform stories. Now they choose the characters and will do the casting.

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Good job anyway!

On Monday, the Fonix 2014 results will . Unfortunately, Mar and Raül are not Barcelona’s finalists. Anyway congratulations to Mar and Raül, you did a great job.

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You can’t catch me…I’m the Gingerbread man!

On Thursday 20th February morning, children from P5, 1st and 2nd classes are going to attend a storyteller. The story is about a special cookie which comes alive and escapes. It’s a very funny story!

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Congratulations !!

After doing the local stage at the school last week, the finalists are Raül Mora and Mar Fijo. They will participate on the Barcelona stage on  th March. It will be a great experience. Enjoy and have fun!

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Howdy doody!!

Billy Banjo was excellent! And Ferran and Aleix participated on stage. It was very funny.

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We’re so happy….

On 6th February children from 3rd and 4th class will attend to Billy Banjo show in Mataró. We hope you have fun and participate on the show.  

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Time for Fonix!!

Fonix 2014 arrives!! It’s an English competition where children from 5th level to Batxillerat participate to show their knowledge in English language. There are three stages: 1st-children do a test in their classroom. 2nd-the student with the highest mark participates … Continue reading

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On the Hispaniola!!!

On Friday 24th January 5th and 6th class went to see the Treasure Island show in Mataró. It was very funny! Here you can see Clàudia (5th class) participating as a sailor with Captain Long John Silver.

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Come on, let’s get ready!

Hey ho! On Friday 24th January, 5th and 6th classes go to Mataró to see the “Treasure Island” play. We expect to see pirates, island and, of course, a treasure!!!!    

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