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6th class performs the Thriller choreography for all the school. Thriller 2 Thriller 1

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Celebrating Halloween…

These days we are celebrating Halloween at the school through games, songs, stories, videos. Here you are the Halloween catwalk by 5th class Here you are The Trick or Treat of 3rd class. Here you are a song from 4th … Continue reading

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4th class visits Caldetes!

4th class is working on the town in the English class. Last Friday we went to visit the town places in Caldetes. It was a very interesting excursion.

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Hello P4 and P5 classes!

This year P4 and P5 classes started English. They are discovering English through games, songs, stories. Also they have a mascot in the English classroom. P4 has got a seahorse called Bubble and P5 has got a bird called Birdy. … Continue reading

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Welcome back!

Hello everyone! Year 14-15 has started. Plenty of stories, songs, games, etc. Ready, steady and go!       

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Time for holidays!!!

Hello everyone!! Free time is here! You can enyoy summertime. What are you going to do?Are you going to the beach? Or to the mountain? Or to visit your family? Or other countries in Europe or other continents? Let’s share … Continue reading

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Billy Banjo play

On Thursday, boys and girls from 4th level performed the Billy Banjo story. Here you can see how well they did it. Congratulations!

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Once upon a time…

Boys ang girls from 6th class told stories to the little ones. Here you can see how the did it. Congratulations!!!

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Easter hunt!

To celebrate Easter, P5 class play to an Easter hunt where they have to find a chocolate egg with their names. Have a look how they did it.  

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Doing castings!!

3rd  4th class groups are going to perform stories. Now they choose the characters and will do the casting.

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