4 thoughts on “Funny Irregular verbs list!

  1. aina

    Hi another time!!! It’s really funny and, at the same time, interesting. I think that you (Laia) could give this, or a part, to us, because with this list you learn two really important thigs:
    1- The irregular verbs list
    2- The pronunciation of them!!! (I think that it’s really important too, because some times, only with the pronunciation, the meaning could change.

    Congratulations Quim!! You’re working really hard. If I could help you anyway, tell me it and I will do it (if I can)!!!!

  2. a8053571 Post author

    Thanks Aina,
    If I need anything I won’t hesitate asking you (probably you could help me with the 4ESO page…)
    By the way, I was reading HP 7 in Catalan before, and I thought of the translation I had started to write (that’s what I did during the first term) and I compared them (the official translation and my translation). They were not that different! (haha)
    So I thought it might be a good exercise to give you (3/ 4ESO students) a piece of the original version, the official translation and my translation to read them all and compare them.

    well, see you at school!


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