TALE ON LINE GROUP 1: Chapter 5 by La Bòbila School

Thank you very much dragon, you are really a good friend!
Hopefully we see you again, good bye!
The Greedy Liberty finally arrives in London City.
Wow, London is very beautiful! I love it! I see the London Eye and I can’t wait to get on, and from up there I can see the Queen Palace and the Guardian Teapot doing the guardian change.
When I get off the London Eye I see a lot of people and everyone asks me: “What are you doing here? Are you from New York City, aren’t you?”.

TALE ON LINE 2 Chapter 6 by Joan Maragall School

Sherlock Cat was shocked when he heard the name of Queen Elizabeth II. He knows that the Queen isn’t the thief. Queen Elizabeth II studied a detective degree when she was young. She liked this job but she had to give up when she came to the throne.

Sherlock Cat is now in his room, in the hotel. He starts thinking…

“Perhaps Obama has employed the Queen to investigate me. Does Obama suspect that I stole the flag?”

Sherlock Cat starts worrying. He really stole the flag some days ago. He wanted 1,000,000$ and he wanted to sell the flag. It was good for him to investigate the robbery. In this way, Obama will never know the truth. But now, things have changed.

Meanwhile at the White House…

Queen Elizabeth II – I found a piece of Sherlock Cat’s cape on the roof, next to the flagpole.

Obama – Does it mean that Sherlock Cat stole the USA flag?

TALE ON LINE 2 CHAPTER 5 by Cor de Maria School

Sherlock Cat goes to talk to his friend Liberty Sexy because he remembers a letter signed with I.F in her pocket the last day they met.

Sherlock tells all about the incident in the White House.

Sherlock Cat: – Do you know Isaac Focts?

Liberty Sexy: – I will tell you if you switch my torch on.

Sherclock Cat switches her torch on and Liberty Sexy starts to confess everything.

Liberty Sexy: – Isaac is my boyfriend, but he has nothing to do with the robbery!

Sherlock Cat: – So, who did steal the flag?

Liberty Sexy: – The robbery’s day I was keeping an eye from my island when I saw Queen Elisabeth II walking on White House’s roof. Maybe she wants to accuse Isaac Focts leaving his name behind the stars! Oh, Poor Isaac!

Sherlock Cat: – Do you mean that Queen Elisabeth II is the robber? – exclaimed Sherlock shocked.

HYMN “Viva la vida” tune

Click here to listen to the song: Engish Day hymn 2013


(“Viva La Vida” tune   by Cold Play )

Students from all the schools

gather together in Olot in May.

We celebrate a very special day,

share and play with our friends!


This is our English hymn,

we’ve got a mascot and a tale.

Listen to the teachers say:

Enjoy this day, cheer up today!!!


Communicate in English, please!

It is the language we all speak

and we’ll  discover that English is…

It’s really cool, really fun!!!


English Day is a day of friendship,

learning, singing and acting so good.

English people in England “  ‘s here

acting together this funny play.

For some reason we can’t explain

we feel happy,

we’ll never, never forget this day.

We’ll use English round the world.


(English day, English Day, English Day…)



When I arrive in Thailand, I look for a flight to London and find the Guardian Teapot. When I’m in the plane , I know that I’m wrong again: Oh, Dear me!!! This flight goes to Beijing!!

When I’m at Beijing airport, everybody wants a photo with me. A Chinese dragon is looking at me. We become friends pretty soon. After telling him my whole story, he says: – I can give you a lift to London!! I can fly!

So off we go…

TALE ON-LINE 2 CHAPTER 4 by Volcà Bisaroques School

Sherlock Cat looks carefully at the five stars with the five names and thinks. Suddenly, he has a good idea. He takes the first and the last letters of the names of the five states:


And when he puts them in the correct order, it appears a name:  ISAAC FOCTS!!!

Sherlock Cat thinks and he remembers this name. Now, he is Obama’s bodyguard. But before, he worked as Queen Elisabeth II’s bodyguard.  Sherlock used to investigate for the Queen in the UK and he met Isaac Focts in one of the investigations. But, what is the relation between Isaac Focts and this case?


Hello friends,
We are boys and girls in 5th and 6th graders from La Bòbila school in les Preses. We are in the “Corb” class. Corb is a big saw mountain in les Preses. La Bòbila is a new school and it’s not finished. Some boys and girls are from Verntallat school, others form La Llavor school and one girl from CPR Serrania school.
We’re very happy to participate in the English Day. It’s a new experience for us! Thank you!
See you in the English Day!

TALE ON LINE GROUP 1: CHAPTER 3 by Les Escomes school

I am at the airport; it is a big, big building. I start looking for my flight at the big screen. I find it and I have enough time to eat something else, I am still hungry. I can see a big burger place so I go directly to buy the biggest burger I have ever seen.

The time goes by so I have to go through the police control.

One there I have real problems with my crown and the metal detector. At the end I have to leave my crown there and when I realised my flight was taking off. With all that hurry I run through the long corridor and now I am seated in a plane and as it is taking off I can hear the pilot saying that we are going to Thailand….


TALE ON LINE GROUP 2: CHAPTER 3 by Verntallat School

Come here with the message and the Star, quickly!

–          How strange! This robbery becomes very complicated. A letter for Obama, five stars…..-thinks, Sherlock.

–          American flag has got fifty stars, but now… five stars are here. Why Sherlock?

–          I don’t know… look ! There are some words written behind the stars.

–          Which words, Sherlock???

–          Each star has got the name of one State from USA.  Mmmmm… very interesting!

–          Let’s see:  Florida, California, Texas, Colorado, Illinois.  I don’t understand. What do they mean??

–          Wait a minute. It can be a clue!