7 de juliol de 1951.
Telegrama del Foreign Office (Ministeri d’exteriors britànic) al govern dels EUA

[NA, PREM 8/1531, telegrama nº2900]

(This telegram is of particular secrecy and should be retained by the authorised recipient
and not passed on.)
(Cypher/OTP and by Confidential Bag)
Foreign Office and Whirehall Secret Distribution
Repeated for information to Paris and Saving to Madrid No.55
Cabinet have decided that United States Government should be informed of our strong
opposition to the closer association of Spain in the defence of Western Europe and should
be urged to abandon their policy of promoting the association of spain with the Western
2. This decision has been reached after very careful weighing of the arguments of both
sides. It is admitted that the strategic arguments in favour of United States policy are very
strong but in view of Cabinet these are outweighed by other considerations. I need not set
the latter out in detail since they are known to you.
3. Brieftly, our view is based on the fact that there are two aspects of European defence –
material and moral- and that the latter is at least as important as the former. The purpose
and unity of the Western association, and so Western defence potential, would suffer from
the admission to Western ranks of Franco Spain. The ideological foundations on which
the Atlantic Pact is based would be dangerously weakened. What is needed, in this `phase
of the cold war, is a steady build up of both the moral and the material force if the
Atlantic Treaty countries. The Scandinavians, Belgians, Dutch and possibly Italians, as
well as we and the French, would be severely shaken by any decision by the Americans,
by unilateral action , to treat Franco as though he were eligible for the Western Club.

1. El govern britànic és contrari a les intencions dels EUA respecte
l’Espanya franquista. Quin és aquesta política dels EUA?
2. Amb quins arguments s’oposa Gran Bretanya a l’entrada
d’Espanya en una aliança militar occidental?
3. Què se signa el 1951 entre Franco i Eisenhower? Quins altres fets
marquen la fi de l’aïllament internacional de la dictadura
franquista i la seva consolidació?

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