4 de juny de 1947.
De l’oficial d’informació del Consolat General britànic de Barcelona al Information
Department del Foreign Office

[NA, FO 953/75]

Part II-Channels
A. Press
The principal factor governing our relations with the Barcelona press is the strong official
censorship, unrelaxed after eight years of Franco’s “peaceful” regime. Indeed it appears
that this censorship, both as regards the imposition of directives and the expurgation of
material is more rigid than in Madrid both because (at least according to local opinion)
Madrid refuses to allow Catalonia liberties she herself enjoys and because the papers here
are more afraid of incurring official wrath. It is worth adding that the chief censor himself
is afraid of his superiors in Madrid and hence is more careful to see that no paper
transgresses. (…)When censorship directives are disobeyed or papers “fail in their
honour” by publishing contentious material, the papers are warned, punished by fine or
their quota of newsprint is withheld. (…) Most papers satisfy themselves with disparaging
allusions to minor personalities, or groups who fail to carry out the Government’s plans
and hence can be blamed with impunity although readers know full well it is the
Government and not the individuals named that are being criticised.
H. Radio.
Audibility and Audience of BBC Transmissions to your area. Suggestions of improvement.
Programmes in Catalan.
A special word of praise and thanks should be given to the BBC for its programmes in the
Catalan language and those dealing with Catalan music and Arts. All shades of opinion
(except the Falangists) concur in their appreciation , since this language is still virtually
forbidden. We have received over 100 letters of congratulation, many of which have been
passed to the BBC.

1. Per què l’informador britànic posa entre cometes l’expressió
“règim de pau” de Franco?
2. En quins dos sentits actua la fèrria censura oficial, segons aquest
informe? Per què és més rígida a Catalunya que a Madrid? Com
es castiga la premsa que desobeeix les directives de la censura?
Com s’encobreixen les crítiques al règim en el llenguatge dels
3. Què era (i és) la BBC? Per què rep tantes cartes d’agraïment de
ciutadans catalans? Qui són els únics que no ho troben bé?

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