11 de juliol de 1947
De l’oficial d’informació del Consolat General britànic de Barcelona a l’Information
Department del Foreign Office

[NA, B/215/47]

Part I-Appreciation
During this quarter, purely Spanish affairs have largely absorbed the attention of
Barcelona…the Victory Parades, Franco’s Law of Succession, Franco’s visits to Valencia,
Palma and to Barcelona itself, the great Catalan festival at Montserrat and finally the visit
of “La Presidenta” of the Argentine.
With the exception of the Montserrat pilgrimage, these have all been reflected in the press
in thousands of inches of superlatives, the amount of regime propaganda having exceeded
in both quantity and adjectives anything seen in the Barcelona papers since the end of the
With regard to Franco’s visit, the most espectacular of the above incidents, it should be
recorded that although it was well known that coercion of every type was exercised to make
the visit a success and his welcome appear spontaneous, there is no denying the fact that
the visit was a success and that the Caudillo himself was agreeably surprised. Even so, this
must not be taken to imply that opposition to Franco has weakened or that he has become a
popular figure: on the contrary it seems to show despite their opposition the Catalans are
not un unruly or savage crowd and that the falangist bogey of communist and anarchist
strength in Catalonia is not a real issue. One might add in support of this, that the
Montserrat celebration, the second most important local event, and one entirely
unsupported by official funds, coercion and propaganda, drew a crowd of over 60,000 to
the mountain-top, and was only a thinly-disguised demonstration of anti-Franco Catholic
Catalanism (akin to M.R.P.) and that this again passed off with an orderliness and decorum
not often seen in a Latin political demonstration.

1. Com descriu el cònsol britànic la propaganda franquista dels
esdeveniments oficials d’aquest 1947 a Barcelona?
2. A què atribueix el cònsol britànic el fet que tradicionalment les
visites de Franco semblessin un èxit? Quina considera que és
l’actitud majoritària dels catalans cap a Franco?
3. Busca informació sobre la Cel·lebració de Montserrat de 1947.
Quin caràcter va prendre, segons el cònsol britànic?

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