19 de juliol de1949
Telegrama del consolat de Barcelona al Foreign Office a Londres

[Els documents continguts en aquesta pàgina provenen dels NA, FO 371/10154]

Bomb in Plaza Cataluna caused two deaths and many injuries as the square was full of
people. There was no damage from the bomb in the Plaza Calvo Sotelo and the bomb
placed outside the Ritz Hotel was discovered in time to prevent the explosion. All the
bombs were of plastic material. The outrage took place about midnight July 17th-July
18th and are attributed to the same members of the resistance who placed the bombs
during F’s visit. No arrest have yet been made.

1. Quantes bombes s’havien posat? A qui s’atribueix la seva
col·locació? Per què en aquella data?

24 d’agost de1949
Telegrama del consolat de Barcelona al Foreign Office a Londres

There has been grave recrudescence of robberies, armed attacks and sabotage. Security
Police have been reinforced from Madrid and barracks have a number of troops confined
in readiness. It is not believed that any organised political movement is afoot and
incidents are ascribed to terrorists infiltrating from France; but authorities are clearly
extremely worried and nervous.

2. A què s’atribueix l’increment d’atacs i sabotatges? Com afecta les
autoritats franquistes?

26 d’agost de1949
Carta del consolat britànic a Barcelona a la cancelleria de l’ambaixada britànica a Madrid.

Dear Chancery,
With reference to my recent letters about the situation in Barcelona, I write to report
another hold-up in which two British subjects were involved. The incident took place on the
evening of the 23rd when a car driven by its owner, Edgar Neville, well-known
cinematograph director and a member of the Spanish Foreign Service, was stopped by
bandits on the road from Gerona to Barcelona at Malgrat. In the car, in addition to its
owner who has title of Conde de Berlanga, were the Marquesa de Quintanar and her
daughter, Mr.Peter Brook from Covent Garden and Mr.Berkeley Owen who is a member of
Lloyds. The Conde de Berlanga and Mr.Owen had been spending the week-end in the same
house as myself on the Costa Brava.
When the bandits realised that they has held-up British subjects they were some what
dismayed and, although they took away the documents of the Spanish citizens, returned the
British passports to their owners. Apparently they also took money from Mr. Berkeley Owen
but on the other hand returned to Mr.Brook some sketches which Salvador Dali had given
to him to take to London in connection with a forthcoming perfomance at Covent Garden.
No luggage was stolen and very few personal belongings. The victims of the attack were
then bound and conducted to a nearby wood. The bandits in conversation admitted to the
Conde de Berlanga that they were members of the Anarchist Organisation of the F.A.I. and
come from Toulouse. The Conde de Berlanga was able after some time to get free and the
party proceeded on foot to the nearest station of the Guardia Civil where they were
accommodated for the night and sent on to Barcelona. The car was recovered the next day
at Figueras near the frontier in perfect condition and with its documents intact. Clearly
then the object of the hold-up was merely to obtain transport.
Yours ever,

26 d’agost de1949
Carta del consolat britànic a Barcelona a la cancelleria de l’ambaixada britànica a Madrid.

Dear Chancery,
With reference to my letter of 26th August reporting the hold-up of a car in which two
British subjects were travelling, I write to report that according to the press, the Security
Police have been able to run this particular band to earth. They had apparently also been
responsible for the hold-up mentioned in my letter fo 19th August (H/79/49) and the burning
of the petrol wagons reported in my letter of 24th August (H/80/49). In a fight just on the
frontier the Civil Guard killed two of the band and it is thought that the others, who are
being actively pursued, will be unable to escape.
Yours ever,
H.A. Hobson

3. qui eren els anomenats “bandits”? d’on van dir que venien? Quin era
el seu objectiu? Què els va succeir, posteriorment, segons la premsa?
4. Tant els comunistes com els anarquistes van acabar renunciant a la
lluita armada. Esbrina quan va ser això i per què. Foren ells els
darrers guerrillers en actiu? Esbrina-ho també.

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