18 de gener de 1946
Tramesa de diversos documents del vice-president del govern d’Euskadi a l’exili, Sr.
Leizaola, al ministre d’afers estrangers britànic, Mr. Ernest Bevin, sota el títol de Appeal
from Basque Resistance Movements that relations be broken with Franco Government.
N’escollim un:

5th January, 1946
Solidarity of Basque Workers, General Union of Workers in Basque Country, and National
Confederation of Labour in the Basque Country,
Being the only syndicates which functioned in Euzkadi (i.e. the Basque Country) at the time
when syndicates enjoyed freedom and which represent today tHe unanimous views of the
Basque workers organised in secret, with all respect,
REQUEST of the Minister for Foreign Affairs of France, England and United States, that
they adopt a decisive solution against the Franco-Falangist regime and in favour of
republican democracy.
The institution of this regime constitutes not only a matter of the most transcendental
determination insofar as the importance of the workers is concerned, but is also a matter of
the greatest urgency because it is the only means of restoring the economic life of the working
classes, who are the principal victims of the regime of oppression from which we suffer.
Bilbao, 5th January, 1946
Signed by
(dues signatures per cada un dels tres sindicats)

1. Qui emet aquesta sol·licitud? Què demana? Per què?

13 de novembre de 1946
Carta de la comunitat catalana exiliada a Mèxic a la delegació británica davant l’ONU.
[NA, FO 371/60420, File Z 9621/524/41]

Plea for action by Victor Nations against Franco
The Catalan Community of Mexico
Uruguay, 49
Mexico, D.F.
17th October 1946
Hon. Ernest Bevin, Chief of the Delegation of the United Kingdom.
Lake Success, Long Island,
New York, NY.
The Catalan Community of Mexico, in view of the new meeting of the Assembly of the United
Nations, takes the liberty of insisting on the breaking off of relations on the part of all
democracies, with the fascist regime of general Franco, so as to bring about, in this manner,
the fall of the Spanish tyrant and the reestablishment of the republican democracy in all the
Hispanic peoples.
Franco, the oppressor of Catalonia and of all Spanish democrats, Basques and Galicians,
must be considered as a war criminal, because of his having headed a rising of falangiste
against the Republican regime of Spain, a rising made with the obvious help of Hitler and
Mussolini because of his numerous assassinations, committed after our war had ended with
the defeat or the democratic forces; a struggle which began in July of 1936 and terminated in
1939, and which was the beginning of the Second World War, with the victory of the United
The persecutions and tortures which are being suffered, under the terror of peoples who
heroically persist in their fight for liberty and democracy, merit not only the contempt of the
democrats of the whole world, but call for the institution of a trial, similar to that of
Nuremberg. Because, as was so well said by Robert H. Jackson, illustrious Magistrate of the
United States supreme Court and chief of the American prosecutors, in the trials against the
Nazi chief: “Tyranny, in whatever part of the world it arises, should be a matter of
international concern, because it always has disturbing consequences for the peace of
peoples”. And the peace of European peoples cannot become a reality, if there persist in the
Iberian Peninsula the Spanish falangist regime, the totalitarian state of general Franco, the
prison-land which nazified Spain actually is.
Honourable Sir:
The exiled Catalans, in their own name, and in that of those who within Catalonia, cannot
make their free voice heard by the democratic world, revindicate the right of our people to
the exercise of their national sovereignty, champion the building up of the Peninsula on the
basis of the equality of the various nationalities which make up the actual Spanish State. We
are struggling in order that the formula which establishes this unification shall be that of a
confederation of nations; and that the governmental regime shall be eminently democratic.
International justice must make itself felt against Franco and his more immediate
collaborators; against the chiefs of the Blue Division, which was sent to the fronts of the
Soviet Union, in the service of Hitler’s armies; against those responsible for the crimes
committed by the Spanish Falange, an authentically fascist organisation;
The peace of Europe demands the immediate the immediate liberation of the Hispanic
peoples and the establishment of the republican democracy;
Catalonia demands, from the victorious democracies, their active solidarity, in favour of its
people, oppressed and harassed by the Franco Regime.
Dr. Salvador Armendares
Miguel Ferrer
Secretary of Relations

2. Què demanen els exiliats Catalans a Mèxic? A qui ho sol·liciten?
3. Què va ser el “judici de Nuremberg”, del qual en demanen una
repetició contra el règim falangista espanyol?
4. Quines acusacions llencen contra el dictador Franco?
5. Què reivindiquen per a Catalunya?

15 de marc de 1946
Nota del Foreign Office a l’ambaixador britànic a Madrid (Mr. Victor Mallet)
[NA, FO 371/60420, Z 2487/524/41]

Dear Victor,
You will, I think, be interested to know that I had a long talk the other day with Senor
Lizaso, the representative of the Basque Delegation here (…)
Senor Lizaso said that he was going over to Paris on the following day to see Senor Giral
and Dr. Aguirre, the President of the Basque Community. He wished to see for himself
how the situation was developing as he was convinced that the Spanish Government must
be broadened. What the Basques and the Catalans, who were working on close terms
wanted, was a federal republic in which the Basque and Catalan elements would
counterbalanced the Spaniards. The latter was poor, ill-educated and unbalanced,
whereas the Basques and the Catalans had almost a monopoly of industry, political
experience and commercial wealth. He wished therefore to encourage the idea of the
Spanish Republican Government being under three Presidents or one President and two
Vice Presidents drawn from the three communities. The dominance of Castille and
Southern Spain had been a curse like that of Prussia to Germany, because it meant that
the Government of the country was completely out of touch with realities.
I told senor Lizaso that I has often heard these views expressed by Dr. Trueta, the famous
Catalan surgeon, and that they seemed to me eminently sensible.

6. Esbrina qui van ser els Srs. Giral, Aguirre i Trueta.
7. Què demanen bascos i catalans en relació a l’estructura de l’estat
espanyol? Amb quins arguments ho havia fet el Sr. Lizaso?

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