7 de desembre de 1945.
Telegrama de l’ambaixada britànica a Washington al Foreign Office (ministeri d’afers
estrangers) britànic

[NA, PREM 8/353]
(This telegram is of particular secrecy and should be retained by the authorised recipient
and not passed on.)
Member of my staff had long conversation today with Mr.Culbertson, head of Western
European Division of the State separtment, regarding the future policy towards Spain.
Culbertson showed him informally a memorandum (…). The gist of the memorandum was
that no action towards the Franco regime could hope to be effective unless close Anglo-
French-American co-operation and identity of views was first assured. It went on to suggest
that the Spanish Government-in-exile in Mexico City, while no doubt largely composed of
honest and sincere men, was totally unrepresentative of existing political feeling in Spain,
and could not hope to command much popular support even though it should succeed in
returning to Spain.
Memorandum pointed out that while Western Allies were prodigal of denunciations of the
Franco regime they had so far failed to translate their words into action and on this score
were open to criticism. It then suggested that an early approach be made to His Majesty’s
Government and the French Governement with a view to breaking off relations with the
Franco regime, and at the same time issuing a statement which would make it clear that no
future Spanish Government would be recognised unless it assured,
a. final disappearance and exile of General Franco
b. dissolution of his Government, outlawing of Falange
c. freedom of the press and abolition of internal censorship
d. an immediate political amnesty which would permit the return of all political exiles
e. right of free assembly and right to organisation of political parties
f. the holding of early communal and national elections with a view to summoning
Constituent Assembly which would decide on the future organisation of the Spanish

1. Impressió que tenen els autors de l’esmentat memoràndum del
govern espanyol a l’exili a Mèxic i de la seva acceptació a
2. Per quina causa han estat criticats els aliats occidentals en
relació a Espanya? Què suggereix el govern nord-americà de fer?

12 de desembre de 1945.
Telegrama de l’ambaixada britànica a París al Foreign Office
[NA, PREM 8/353]
(This telegram is of particular secrecy and should be retained by the authorised recipient
and not passed on.)
Ministry of Foreign Affairs have just handed me note drawing attention to the attitude of
General Franco during the war as revealed in his correspondence with Hitler and
Mussolini and the increased hostility which is bound to be aroused by his political regime
and the absence of any effort to return to democratic principles. France as a neighbour of
Spain is directly concerned. The French Government accordingly feels it difficult to
continue normal diplomatic relations. They consider, however, that rupture of relations
would only create real effect if joint decision were taken by France, United States and
Great Britain. Only such action might lead to change in regime in Spain.
Ministry of Foreign Affairs would be grateful to learn the views of His Majesty’s
Government on the above proposal and in the event of rupture of diplomatic relations to
know what attitude they would adopt towards the Giral Government.
Similar communication has been made to my United States colleague.

3. Actitud del govern francès respecte el govern de Franco. Proposta
que fa als seus aliats britànic i nord-americà.

Desembre de 1945
Carta del Foreign Office al seu ambaixador a París.
Sentit de la resposta que ha de donar al govern francès, responent a telegrama seu del 12
desembre en què França suggeria la ruptura de relacions amb el govern espanyol.
[NA, PREM 8/353]
H. M. Government are grateful to the French Government for consulting them in this
matter. They entirely share the feelings of the French Government regarding the present
Spanish Government and , as many public statements have made clear, are anxious to see
the early disappearance of General Franco. (…)
But they consider that before any action is taken with a view to precipitating the fall of
General Franco and his regime, it is most important to consider whether the proposed
action would, in fact, lead to the desired result and whether it might not in fact have
certain consequences (…) as for example, the outbreak of disorders, and renewed civil
war in Spain
(…) in view of the absence of any alternative administration which could assume power.
His Majesty’s Government do not, for example, consider that the Giral Government
would be able to return to Spain and assume office. Quite apart from the fact that the
Giral Government does not even enjoy general support among the exiled Spanish
politicians the information in the possession of H. M. Government goes to show that it
does not command any real support in Spain, and that in fact its return would not be
acceptable to the Spanish people. Nor is there as yet sufficient agreement among
Spaniards inside Spain on any alternative Regime to replace the present Spanish
4. Explica l’actitud de Gran Bretanya en relació al govern de Franco i la seva possible caiguda.

25 de febrer de 1946
C.M. (46)18th Conclusions

Trial and execution of Cristino Garcia and other Spanish republicans and the trial of
37 Spanish socialist in Spain.
Closed until 1977
[NA, PREM 8/354]
The Prime Minister drew attention to reports of the execution in Madrid of certain
Spanish Republicans, including some who had fought in the French Resistance
Movement. Reports had also been published of the results of the trial at Alcala of 37
members of the General Union of Workers, a Spanish socialist organisation. Five of
the defendants had been sentenced to 30 years imprisonment. This action by General
Franco’s Government would give great offence to public opinion in this country and
in France.

5. Quins dos fets de repressió feixista recull aquesta carta? Quina
reacció provocaran en la opinió pública britànica i francesa?
6. Quines mesures finals es van prendre a nivell diplomàtic i
internacional contra el règim feixista del general Franco?

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