23 d’abril de 1940
Carta de la Delegació catalana a Londres al Secretari d’estat d’Afers Estrangers britànic
[NA: FO 371/24527]


1. Quin és l’objectiu d’aquesta carta?
2. Busca informació sobre Josep Maria Batista i Roca.


4 de maig de 1940.
Carta de la Delegació basca a la Gran Bretanya al diputat Mr. Atlee

[NA, CAB 118/16]

Euzkadi Ordezkaritza
Basque Delegation,
14, Eccleston Square,
London, S.W.1.
Dear Mr.Attlee,
On behalf of the Basque people, I have been instructed by my President, His Excellency
Don José Antonio de Aguirre, to congratulate you upon your appointment to the high office
which you have been called upon to fill in these grave hours of crisis, both for your own
country and for the future of all peoples of the world. May God guide you in your great
We are following events in Spain very closely, particularly in view of the Mediterranean
tension and the possibility of a further German blow in another area. On the outbreak of the
present war, we Basques immediately offered our services in any required capacity to the
British and French Governments, whose cause is our own. It was for the same principles
which to-day inspire the peoples of Britain and France and their Allies, that we waged our
own struggle against totalitarianism, and the prisons and concentration camps of Spain are
filled with Basque citizens who defended the ideal of Basque national liberty.
During the Peninsula war and since its close, I have been privileged to convey information
to His Majesty’s Government regarding regarding the dangerous extent of German
influence in Spain. In spite of General Franco´s continued declarations of neutrality, this
influence is increasing. According to French reports there are now more than 60,000
Germans in Spain who might use Spanish neutrality for the special purposes of the Nazis.
They are in close touch with Serrano Suñer and extremist members of the Falange, who are
exerting great pressure on the Madrid Givernment.
Although, naturally, I cannot discuss this matter fully, on account of the necessity not to
raise diplomatic difficulties with the Franco Government, I feel that present tendencies
make it my duty once more to state that the Basque and Catalan nations are absolutely
united in their adhesion to the Allied cause. The future of our country and of the Basque
people and our Government lies parallel with that of the Allies, and it seems to me essential
that should events necessitate military action, there should be the closest collaboration
between the Allied staff and the Basques and the Catalans, whose national spirit is
determined to resist any attempt to use their countries as a base for attacks against the


Yours very sincerely

José I. De Lizaso.

3. Què ofereix la delegació basca al govern britànic? Com ho justifica?
4. Quina anàlisi fa de la situació d’Alemanya i Espanya en el conflicte europeu i de les seves relacions?

28 d’octubre de 1940
Repudi del dret del General Franco a representar els pobles basc i català
[NA: FO 371/24527]

Presented by the Basque and Catalan Delegates in London To His Excellency the Rt. Hon.
Viscount Halifax, KG, GCSI, GCIE, TD, Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs to His
Britannic Majesty’s Government.

The London Delegation of Catalonia and Euzkadi, acting in the names of their respectives National Councils. desire to request Your Excellency to lay before His Britannic Majesty’s Government the following Note, which reaffirms, in the light of recent events, their attitude as expressad in the previous Notes which they have had the honour of presenting to Your Excellency.
The recent exchanges of views between the German and Italian Governments and the Government of the Spanish State, culminating in the conference of last Wednesday between Herr Hitler and General Franco, have, it is understood, taken place for the purpose, among others, of defining the future position of Franco Spain in relation to the plans of the Totalitarian Axis; and of determining certains territorial advantages and compensations to be derived by the Spanish State in return for co-operation in these plans.
These projects for yet a further reconstruction of the present imperialistic and totalitarian Spanish State compel us to record the following statement.
1.The Basque and Catalan National Councils, as free and faithful interpreters of the true sentiments of their respective Peoples, deny the right of General Franco to speak for them, and repudiate any undertakings already entered or to be entered into by him which may affect their respective Countries.
2.The Catalans and the Basques are, firstly, men and Democrats; secondly, they are Basque and Catalans nationals; and only the lastly – and by force of circumstance – are they technically citizens of a totalitarian State at present ruled by General Franco
3.Their primary concern in the present world conflict, and in the European situation in general, is universal, and is based on the inalienable right – denied by the totalitarian Dictators – of the individual, and of all Peoples, to live freely. They will permit nothing to separate them from this fundamental principle.
4.The Catalan and Basque peoples are determined to stand by the fundamental principle of universal freedom, which is diametrically opposed to any form of dictatorial seizure and apportionment of territorial gains. They therefore completely reject any transaction of this nature which may be contemplated as an inducement to General Granco actively to join the Axis in its fight against the democratic cause represented by Great Britain.

5. Resumeix les idees bàsiques d’aquesta carta.

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