6 de febrer de 1939
Telegrama del consolat britànic de Barcelona al seu govern a Londres

[NA, FO 371/24154, pags 402-403]

Several German Jews who had called on their Consulate General on business have been
arrested and sent to prison on orders of that Consulate General. Reasons for arrest are
not known. Information is given me by the German Jews who desire to apply for British
visas but do not now dare to apply to their Consulate General to have their passports

1. On eren aquests jueus alemanys? Qui creus que els va detenir materialment?

28 de juliol de 1939
Carta del cònsol britànic a Barcelona (Mr. Rodgers) al ministeri d’afers estrangers britànic (Lord Viscount Halifax), amb còpia a l’ambaixador britànic a Espanya

[NA, FO 371/24154, pag 405]

British Consulate General
Rambla de Cataluña, 35,
28th July, 1939.
My Lord,
With reference to my telegram Nº36 of 6th February the following particulars have recently come to my knowledge regarding the closing of the Hebrew Synagogue in Barcelona. Shortly after the entrance of the Nationalist troops into Barcelona, agents of the Gestapo broke into the Synagogue and destroyed the vestments, etc., used in worship and carried off the silver vessels. They also committed various other desecrations in the premises which are better not described. Some of the silver vessels have since been noiticed as offered for sale. The Synagogue is still closed. The above silver articles were insured for a substantial sum but the Spanish insurance company which issued the policy has declined to pay. A delegation of members of the Jewish Community presented themselves at police headquarters to make a formal complaint, but they were refused a hearing and told that the police were already aware of the matter. The Committee of the Jewish Cemetery has suddenly been presented with a demand for immediate payment of a large surcharge in addition to the annual rent. Failing payment, the Cemetery is to be closed.
I am informed that the Jewish Community consists of about 800 persons of various nationalities mainly Spaniards, Poles, Turks, Germans and French. A number of them are refugees from Germany who arrived here before the Civil War and became Spanish by naturalization. I am told that a Jewish person who recently applied for naturalization was told that he must first be baptized before this request could be considered.
I have the honour to be, With the highest respect, My Lord, Your Lordship’s most obedient, Humble servant,
(Signat: Rodgers)

2. Qui va assaltar la sinagoga de Barcelona? Com va actuar la policia espanyola?
3. Què van respondre les autoritats franquistes a un jueu que demanà la nacionalitat espanyola? A quina lògica respon, aquesta contestació?

27_1 27_2 27_3 Activitats:

4. Qui són els emissors i els destinataris respectivament d’aquestes tres correspondències? Amb quin objectiu? Què significa això?

27_4 Activitats:

5. Què era el Frente de Juventudes? Quina invitació rep el 2 de maig de 1942? Amb quin objectiu?

27_5 27_6


6. Quin tipus de pel·lícules itaianes i alemanyes es projectaven als cinemes de Barcelona? Creus que se’n podien veure d’altres països del mateix tipus?
7. Per què havia escrit el cònsol italià a Barcelona a l’ambaixador? Què recomana?

Nota: Els documents italians procedeixen de la Sèrie Affari Politici 1931-1945, Spagna 61.

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