23 de febrer de 1939
Nota de Mr W.H.M.Pollock (membre del Foreign Office) al Ministre Viscount Halifax (Secretari del Foreign Office) per a què pugui respondre la moció a la Cambra dels Lords de Lord Farringdon demanant si el govern britànic enviarà un representant al sud de França per informar sobre la situació dels camps de refugiats espanyols i si col·laborarà amb el govern francès amb mesures d’alleujament
[NA: FO 371/24154, page16]

There seems to be no doubt whatever that the conditions under which the Spanish
Government troops who have been interned by the French authorities in camps in the
South of France have been living have been scandalous. On February 8th the
representative at Perpignan of the International commission for the Assistance of Child
Refugees in Spain telephoned to say that the troops were herder together in camps with
no blankets, no shelter from the rain and hardly any food and that numbers of them were
likely to die of starvation and exposure unless something was done for them immediately.
Many of them were dead tired and seriously wounded and there were no hospital
facilities. The French authorities appear to have been entirely unprepared for
developments and also to be unwilling to take any serious steps to remedy the situation.
The task of organising camps was, of course, an enormous one, but it seems that the
French Ministry of National Defence were unwilling, owing to the international situation,
to immobilize any of their tents or other field equipment and also that the French
Government hoped, by making conditions as difficult as possible for the troops, to induce
most of them to return to Spain.
There were a number of voluntary organisations in the neighbourhood with money, food
and medical equipment anxious to help, but they were refused permission to enter the
camps. The International commission’s representative urged that something should be
done to induce the French Government to take immediate steps to remedy the situation.
On the same day the French Ambassador called on Sir George Mounsey and asked…

1. Quina és la situació en els camps de refugiats del sud de França,
segons reconeix aquest funcionari del Foreign Office?
2. Quina conducta ha seguit l’estat francès, segons ell?

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