[NA, sèrie FO/889/2]

Consolat Britànic, València
Registrat el 26 de Maig de 1937

[NA, sèrie FO/889/2]

5 Hospital Road

To Mr. H.C.Brooks

Dear Sir,
Please forgive the liberty I am taking in writing to you, I saw your name as Consul of Alicante, Spain, in connection with the menering (sic) of the British destroyer Hunter; my object in writing to you is, my boy Michael Patton aged 17 has been serving with the international Brigade since January, a month ago he applied for repatriation, but so far as I can gather from his letters, it seems very difficult for him to get home. Could you as British Consul do anything to facilitate his return, I should explain that when he was sent to Spain he gave his age as 19 to the Communist Party in London who were responsible for sending him to Spain, owing to my sons real age which he only admitted when he was already in Spain, I am told he was given a safe job at the base, My son tells me that he has been in several air raids which does not seem to me to be a very safe place where ever he is, the address I am allowed to write is as follows.
Michael Patton
Socorro Rojo
Plaza del Altazone (sic)
Spanish Refugees are leaving Spain for England would it be posible for you to arrange that he should be allowed to leave too with as little delay as possible, I am naturally very anxious for him to return, he is my only child and I am quite alone, I should be very grateful indeed, I f you could do anything to help him.
Yours faithfully


1.Què tenen en comú aquestes dues cartes de particulars?
2.En què difereixen?

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