5 d’octubre de 1931
Carta de l’ambaixada britànica a Madrid al Foreign Office

[NA, FO 371/15775, page 140]

My Lord
The Constituent Cortes in its sitting of October 1sr accepted by 160 votes to 121 the principle of equal suffrage for both sexes from the age of 23.
2. The debate was curiously superficial. The Nationalists, mostly adherents of the late General Primo de Rivera, the Progressist, Republicans of the Right led by Sr. Alcalá Zamora, the Socialists and Catalans supported the measure as a point of doctrine. Opposition, which came from the Republican and Radical groups, was based almost entirely on the fear of clerical influence. Doña Victoria Kent, one of the two women (Radical Republican) deputies, voted against the measure as premature.
3. Sr. Prieto. Socialist Minister of Finance, is reported as having exclaimed that the grant of equal suffrage to both sexes was a stab in the back of the Republic.
I have the honour to be, My Lord, with great truth and respect,
Your most obedient, humble Servant,

George Grahame.


1.Què van aprovar les Corts republicanes l’1 d’octubre de 1931?
2.Qui hi estava a favor i qui en contra? Per quines raons?

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