14 d’agost de 1931
Carta de l’ambaixador britànic (Sir G.Grahame) al secretari del Foreign Office (Arthur Henderson)

[NA, FO 371/15775, page 17]

Sir, The final figures of the plebiscite in favour of the Catalan Statue which took place on August 2 have now been published.
2. This total represents approximately 73 per cent of the electorate and 99 per cent of the votes cast.
3. Sr. Maciá, on leaving Barcelona yesterday with the Catalan deputies to present the Statute formally to the Head of the Provisional Government, issued a manifesto in which declared that he and his companions were going to Madrid with open arms and hoped the Government would receive them with the same cordiality. Sr. Alcalá Zamora, on his side, speaking yesterday to the representatives of the press, dwelt on the warmth of his personal friendship for Sr. Maciá and his optimism regarding the question of the Catalan Statute.
4. Meanwhile the Government have taken unusual precautions to prevent any demonstration against the Catalan Deputies on their journey to Madrid.

I Have the honour…
George Grahame.


1.Què van votar els catalans el 2 d’agost de 1931? Com s’havia gestat?
2.Quin fou el resultat del plebiscit?
3.Què faltava per a què aquell Estatut fos aplicat? Què va succeir en realitat?

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