6 de novembre de 1909.
El consol britànic a Barcelona Sr. Roberts a Sir Edward Grey, ministre d’afers estrangers britànic

[NA: FO 371/744, pages 482-483]

Northern & Western Europe. Confidential. November 10. Section 1. [41333].
November 6, 1909
BCN(cònsol Roberts)>LDN(Sir Edward Grey), nº36.

(…) in Catalonia, as in this revolutionary movement in this province you have to deal with three classes, the genuine enthusiastic fanatic anarchist such as Ferrer, whom one may say nothing will repress, hooligans and idle loafers, of whom there are always a large number in a city of this size ready to join in any acts of violence, and, lastly, and the most important, the socialistic working-classes, who under ordinary circumstances would be honest work-people, but who, when carried away by the oratory and teaching of men like Lerroux and Ferrer, join these violent movements (…).
Lerroux is a professional agitator, clever , and a brilliant orator and writer, and is with the socialistic masses here an “uncrowned king”.
His influence is immense, and so long he is satisfied he will doubtless be able to keep things quiet, but when the day comes that he considers there is a grievance fresh troubles will arise, unless he again be forced to quit the country. Not only has Lerroux influence with the masses, but also with the Republicans of a higher and better class and imbued with higher views, such as the deputy Señor Giner de los Ríos (…).
J. Frederick Roberts


1.Considera homogeni el moviment revolucionari català el cònsol Roberts? quines distincions estableix?
2.Com qualifica Lerroux? sobre qui li atribueix gran influència ?
3.Quin partit polític va fundar i liderar Lerroux ? Quina actitud va tenir respecte el moviment catalanista?

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