Halloween portrait

How to make your Halloween portrait…

1) Go to  www.phixr.com

2) Click on “Get started”

3) Tick the box and click on “Let me in”

4) Click on “Examinar” and take your photo from the folder “Photos” in “Mis documentos”

5) CLick on “Upload”

6) You can play with the different effects, or write your Halloween message… You have some Halloween designs in “Greeting cards” and stickers in the icon with the Heart.


How to make a Halloween portrait

Follow these steps to make a scary Halloween portrait!

1. Open internet explorer and write the address: www.picnik.com

2. If it’s not in English, click on “English” at the bottom of the page. Then click on “Get started now”

3.Upload your photo clicking on Upload a photo. Your photo is in Mis documentos / English / photos

4. Now, you have your photo on the screen. To add the scary effects, click on Featured. Remember that the Premium effects can NOT be used. You can also add stickers!

5.When you finish with the effects, you can write the Halloween message, for example “Happy Halloween” or “Have a scary Halloween!”. To write, click on Text.

6. When you finish writing, save your photo by clicking on Save and Share. Write your name, click on “save photo” and save it in the folder Halloween photos.

Be creative! And let’s see if you can get a scarier photo than me!!!