Conditional sentences (exercises online)

  1. First and second conditional
  2. Second conditional
  3. Third conditional (1)
  4. Third conditional (2)
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Chuck Berry, a Founding Father of Rock ‘n’ Roll, Dies at 90

3/19/2017 by  Laia Garsaball i Júlia García


Chuck Berry, the singer, songwriter and guitar who practically defined rock music with his impeccably twangy hits “Maybellene,” “Roll Over Beethoven,” “Memphis,” “My Ding-a-Ling” and “Sweet Little Sixteen,” has died. He was 90.

The singer/songwriter, whose classic “Johnny B. Goode” was chosen by Carl Sagan to be included on the golden record of Earth Sounds and Music launched with Voyager in 1977, died Saturday afternoon,  St. Charles County Police Department confirmed. #SCCPDNEWS The cause of death was not revealed. 

During his 60-plus years in show business, Berry in 1986 became one of the first inductees into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. He entered The Blues Foundation’s Blues Hall of Fame in ’85 and that year also received a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award. 

He explained his appeal to adolescents across different cultural backgrounds: “Everything I wrote about wasn’t about me but [was about] the people listening.” He had a way of identifying what people wanted to express, but weren’t able to, during this segregated time. 

Berry, the fourth of six children, was born on Oct. 18, 1926, as Charles Edward Anderson. He was raised in St. Louis in a middle-class black neighborhood. His father Henry was a contractor and his mother Martha a school principal. 

RIP Chuck Berry !!!!

Thank you for the poetry, the passion and the potency! GO JOHNNY GO

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A narrative text

A narrative text (class assignment)

Choose one of the following options:

  1. An embarrasing experience.
  2. Write a story with the title: “The time we first met”.
  3. Write about something interesting that you did in you free time recently.
  4. Narrate a story beginning: “I was meeting Júlia/Alexander in Plaça Catalunya but she never appeared……..”
  5. Spoof text (funny story)

Tips for writing narratives:

  • Use different verbal tenses   (past simple, past continuous, past perfect)
  • Use time expressions   (while, until, by the time, as soon as, ……)
  • Use adverbs and adjectives   (amazingly, sadly, luckily,….)
  • Describe atmosphere and feelings as well as what happened.   (thrilled, sympathetic,  …)


Happy writing!!

Remember to have a look to the narrative instructions to write your text (go to this link)

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Hola, món! / About us

Benvingut/da a aquest espai virtual d’aprenentatge que començo (comencem…) a crear avui. English Class Blog vol esdevenir un espai de trobada on compartir experiències del dia a dia. Aquest és el meu primer article. Començo a fer ús del bloc!

This collaborative blog is run by my current students, those ex-students who want to, and me, the teacher.

I teach English as a foreign language in a secondary education state school in Barcelona (Catalonia).

Students contribute not only with class assignments, but also with anything they want or are interested in, as long as it is written in English.

Welcome everyone !!!
I’m Empar, your English teacher this year! In this blog you’ll discover a lot of information about the course, as well as different activities to reinforce class contents and videos to learn and enjoy English. I hope it will become a place not only to learn but also to have fun with lessons and activities proposed. Taking advantatge of this virtual place as space to enjoy learning should be our main goal! Very soon I will give you basic information about the course. See you then!


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