Un Tresor Al Safareig, JAUME COPONS

Un Tresor Al Safareig és un llibre interessant, un llibíndexre per llegir-se tranquil·lament. No és un llibre d’acció, ni de comèdia, ni de por, ni de misteri. Aquest llibre tracta sobre el Nil, un nen que s’ha de quedar 5 dies a casa de la seva àvia en un poble molt petit perdut en mig de la muntanya, on no té res que fer, però troba a l’Alba, una veïna que l’acompanyarà a tot arreu. Recomano aquest llibre a qui li agradin els llibres de tresors, mapes, en alguns moments els personatges estan cansats, i tristos per no aconseguir el que volen, però acaben passant-so bé.

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Resultat d'imatges de 700 california        Resultat d'imatges de california map

California is one of the fifty states that, together with Washington D.C, form the United States of America. The capital is Sacramento. There are a lot of awesome places, in fact L.A is the most popular and the coolest one. You can go there by plane, ship, car, motorbike… It depends on where you live.



Resultat d'imatges de freehand los angeles         Resultat d'imatges de freehand los angeles

Los Angeles has got very nice hotels.There’s one of 4 starts called “Freehand” that it costs 160$ per person, is not the cheapest one but it’s trendy, nice and comfortable.

Resultat d'imatges de westin bonaventure in los angeles    Resultat d'imatges de westin bonaventure in los angeles

There’s another that it’s as well as the other, but is quite more expensive. It’s called “Westin Bonaventura” and it costs 180$ per person.

Both of them have breakfast service and swimming pool included. The last day, you can choose if you want to have 2 free hours of SPA.


Resultat d'imatges de seafood losa ngles        Resultat d'imatges de seafood los angeles restaurant

-La Barca: is a 4 stars restaurant. It has got delicious food, specially seafood and breaded fish too.

Resultat d'imatges de italian food restaurant los angeles      Resultat d'imatges de italian food restaurant los angeles

-Real De Oaxaca: It’s more expensive than the other restaurant but it has got delicious italian food.

Resultat d'imatges de queen burger los angeles       Resultat d'imatges de queen burger los angeles restaurant

-The Queen Burger: it’s similar as a fast-food restaurant. The menu has got hamburgers, french fries and breaded chicken.



Resultat d'imatges de hollywood       Resultat d'imatges de hollywood at night

-Hollywood: Is a district of the metropolitan area of ​​Los Angeles located in the north of this city and in the east of Beverly Hills.

Resultat d'imatges de 777 tower    Imatge relacionada

-777 tower: is a skyscraper built in 1991. It has a height of 221 meters and has 53 floors.

Resultat d'imatges de hollywood walk of fame stars    Resultat d'imatges de hollywood walk of fame

-The Hollywood Walk of Fame: It is a sidewalk along Hollywood Boulevard and the Vine Street, on which more than 2,000 5-point stars have been placed with celebrity names that the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce honors for their contribution to the entertainment industry.



Imatge relacionada     Resultat d'imatges de observatory los angeles

-Observatory Griffith: is an astronomical observatory located in the south of Mount Hollywood. It has spectacular views of the center of Los Angeles, Hollywood and the Pacific Ocean.

Resultat d'imatges de Los Angeles County Art Museum        Resultat d'imatges de Los Angeles County Art Museum

-Los Angeles County Art Museum: is on Wilshire Boulevard Street in the Miracle Mile district, has one of the largest collections of Latin American art.


Prices and currency:

Imatge relacionada      Resultat d'imatges de dollar



There are lots of famous people born in L.A, over here are some of them:

Michael Jackson: He was a singer, songwriter, performer, dancer and musician of American pop music, as well as a philanthropist. He was known as the “king of pop”.

Resultat d'imatges de MICHAEL JACKSON

Angelina Jolie: She’s an American actress of cinema and television, winner of an Oscar to the best secondary actress and three Golden Globes. She has made a lot of great movies.

Resultat d'imatges de angelina jolie

Marilyn Monroe: She was an American film actress and one of the most popular of the twentieth century, considered a pop icon and a sex symbol.

Resultat d'imatges de marilyn monroe

Jaden Smith: He’s a famous model, rapper and actor. He hightlighted in the “Karate Kid”movie. He’s the son of Will Smith, a brilliant actor.

Resultat d'imatges de mejores fotos actuales de jaden smith

Leonardo Dicaprio: He’s an actor, he has done many films but the most important one was “Titanic”.

Resultat d'imatges de leonardo dicaprio

Adam Levine: He’s a famous singer who makes very good songs.

Resultat d'imatges de adam levine

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Punta Cana is a town located east of the Dominican Republic, in the province of La Altagracia. In this locality several hotels are located. En Punta Cana se encuentra el Aeropuerto Internacional de Punta Cana, el principal aeropuerto del país.

The Americans planned the forest to export wood, thinking then of exporting sand to Puerto Rico for use in construction. In 1978, the Mediterranean Club Paris joined the Punta Cana S.A. Group project, building a 350 room hotel within the project. Later, the Barceló Group and Newco were installed in the Bávaro area. In 1984 the international airport of Punta Cana was inaugurated, while more roads were built

In 1993 the Marina of Punta Cana Resort & Club began to be built. In 1996, the fashion designer Óscar de la Renta and the singer Julio Iglesias joined the project.


Be live collection Punta cana: It is a perfect hotel for a quiet and magnificent stay in one of the best beaches of the Caribbean, as well as economic and very punctuated. Located on the beach of Cabeza de Toro, Punta Cana.

Be Live Collection Punta Cana Galeria d'imatges d'aquest allotjament

Vista Sol Punta Cana Beach Resort & Spa:

This hotel is fantastic for a family holiday, since it is in a naturalized area and the time is next to the beach

Galeria d'imatges d'aquest allotjament Galeria d'imatges d'aquest allotjament

Caribe Club Princess Beach Resort and Spa-All Inclusive:

this hotel is perfect if you like the sea, because it is right next to the shore and it is a hotel with a lot of class.

Galeria d'imatges d'aquest allotjament Galeria d'imatges d'aquest allotjament


12 cable zip in punta cana:We recommend this activity because you can enjoy some beautiful views and live an adventure experience. Perfect activity to enjoy the tropical nature.

Hoyo Azul:this place is excellent to spend a great day of visitia in a beautiful place.

Resultat d'imatges de hoyo azul

Dolphin explorer: This place is beautiful since you can enjoy the animals and their nature, their light blue beaches will make you relax.

Resultat d'imatges de dolphin explorer


KLM: with klm you can travel comfortably and safely with a good educated and helpful staff.

from:755 euros

Resultat d'imatges de klm Resultat d'imatges de klm

IBERIA: It is a very economical flight with good food and employees at your service. No need to stop in any country. Enjoy your flight

from:532 euros

Imatge relacionadaResultat d'imatges de avion iberia por dentro


Pearl beach club: It is a restaurant with Caribbean, Mediterranean sushi. It is located on the road Cabeza de Toro | Punta Cana, Punta Cana 23000, Dominican Republic.

 Resultado de imagen de pearl beach club punta cana

Cuts and grill: Is American food, barbecue, barbecue and is on Avenida Alemania | Villa Josefa Square, A1, Bávaro, Punta Cana 23301.

Resultado de imagen de cuts and grill punta cana

Passion By Martin Berasategui at Paradisus Punta Cana: It is international food, Mediterranean, vegetarian options and is in the street Bavaro | Paradisus Punta Cana Resort, Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.

Resultado de imagen de passion by martin berasategui at paradisus punta cana

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In this article you will found some information about New York.

This article it’s divided into several parts:

  1. History
  2. Map of New York
  3. Embassy/Consulates
  4. Films in New York
  5. Famous People of New York
  6. Icons of New York
  7. Terrorist attack
  8. Transport
  9. Prices of Hotels or Rented Houses
  10. Places to visit (Monuments, Fun Parks, Attractions…)
  11. Gastronomy and Restaurants
  12. Did you know that?


The first explorer to explore the island of Manhattan in 1524 was the sailor Giovanni da Verrazzano at the service of the French crown.
The second explorer was the British Hudson in 1609, in the service of the Netherlands.
The Dutch were the first Europeans to settle in the area and in 1614 they built the Fort Nassau.
In 1674, by the Treaty of Westminster, it passed from the Dutch to the English who renamed it New York in honor of the Duke of York.
With the english people, New York won importance and prosperity like the commercial port.
Along the eighteenth century the English colonists fought on numerous occasions with the French for control of Manhattan.
New York played an important role in the War of Independence of the United States, being the scene of several battles. In 1775, the revolutionaries opposed those loyal to England and approved the independence the following year
Immigration and the development transformed the city, so that in 1835 New York became the largest city in the United States.
During the twentieth century, New York has not stopped growing. New York became the center of European, Asian and Latin American immigration.
After the Second World War, New York became the most important city in the world with great economic weight (Wall Street), political (headquarters of the UN) and cultural (replacing Paris as a mecca of art and culture). It has also become a great international tourist destination.
Its history was dressed in mourning after the criminal attacks of the 11/09/2001. After that in New York and in the rest of the worls were established new security standards.



– Consulate General of Mexico in New York
– Address: 27 E 39th St

– Consulate of Colombia in New York
– Address: 10 E 46th St

– Consulate General of Spain
– Address: 150 E 58th St

– Consulate General of Peru
– Address: 241 E 49th St

– Consulate General of Argentina
– Address: 12 W 56th St

– Consulate General of Uruguay
– Address: 420 Madison Ave

– Consulate General Of Honduras
– Address: 255 W 36th St # 2

– Consulate General of Costa Rica
– Address: 15 W 37th St

– Dominican Consulate In New York
– Address: 1501 Broadway # 410

– Consulate General of Ecuador
– Address: 800 2nd Ave

– General Consulate of El Salvador
– Address: 46 Park Ave

– Consulate General of Chile
– Address: 600 3rd Ave # 2808

– Consulate General of Paraguay in New York
– Address: 801 2nd Ave # 600

– Consulate General of Brazil
– Address: 225 E 41st St

– Consulate General of Panama
– Address: 1212 Ave of the Americas Fl 20

– Consulate General of Venezuela
– Address: 7 E 51st St

– Consulate of Ecuador in Queens
– Address: 24-15 Queens Plaza N

– Consulate General of Bolivia
– Address: 800 2nd Ave # 300

– Consulate General of Nicaragua
– Address: 820 2nd Ave # 802


Here we put some of the films that have been filmed in New york


-King Kong

-The Godfather
-Vanilla Sky

-Breakfast at Tiffany’s





William Oliver Stone (New York, September 15, 1946) is a director and producer of American cinema.
Scarlett Johansson (New York, November 22, 1984)  is an American actress and model.
Marco Antonio Muñiz Rivera (New York, September 16, 1968) or also named Marc Anthony, is an American singer, songwriter and actor .
Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta (New York, March 28, 1986), better known by her stage name Lady Gaga, is a singer, songwriter, producer, dancer and American fashion designer.
Willard Carroll/ “Will” Smith, (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, September 25, 1968), is an American actor and rapper.
Paul William Walker (Glendale, California, September 12, 1973-Santa Clarita, California, November 30, 2013) was a US actor.
Jennifer Lynn Lopez (New York, July 24,1969), better known as Jennifer Lopez, is an actress, singer, dancer, composer, record producer, fashion designer and achoreographer.
Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson (Santa Barbara, California, October 25, 1984), also known as Katy Perry, is an American singer.


STATUE OF LIBERTY: The Frenchman Edouard de Laboulaye proposed the idea of ​​a monument for the United States in 1865. In 1875, Frederic Auguste Bartholdi was commissioned to commemorate the Declaration of Independence of the United States. It was named “Freedom illuminating the world” and was a joint effort between the United States and France.

EMPIRE STATE BUILDING: It is said that the idea of ​​the Empire State Building was born out of a competition between Walter Chrysler of the Chrysler Corporation and John Jakob Raskob of General Motors, to see who could erect the tallest building.

CENTRAL PARK: Central Park was the first public park landscaped in the United States. Advocates of the creation of the park admired the public lands of London and Paris and insisted that New York needed a comparable facility to establish its international reputation.

BROOKLIN BRIDGE: The bridge was designed by an engineering firm owned by John Augustus Roebling. Roebling and his firm had previously built smaller suspension bridges, such as the Delaware Aqueduct in Lackawaxen, Pennsylvania, the Cincinnati Suspension Bridge, Ohio and the Waco Suspension Bridge, Texas, which served as a prototype for the final design of the Brooklyn Bridge .


The attacks of the 11/09/2001  were a series of four suicide bombings committed that day in the United States by 19 members of the al Qaeda jihadist network, through the hijacking of commercial airplanes to be hit against diverse objectives, causing the death of 3016 people and leaving to other 6000 wounded, as well as the destruction in New York of all the complex of buildings of the World Trade Center (including the Twin Towers) and serious damage to the Pentagon building (headquarters of the Department of Defense of the United States, in the state of Virginia).


You have two main public transport alternatives in New York City that use the same system with the same tickets, so you can combine them for the same price.
• The subway: this is usually the fastest way to get anywhere, except late at night when taxis take advantage of the opportunity to move very quickly through the streets of the city.
• The bus system: it is not often used by tourists, but in some cases it is convenient, especially to travel along the avenues or for people who experience difficulties with stairs.
A single trip costs $ 2.50. The tickets are obtained from vending machines.
A Metro Card valid for 7 days will cost you $ 29.00.


The Manhattan at Times Square Hotel

790 7th Ave, New York, NY, 10019, United States

The Sheraton Manhattan Hotel is listed with four stars and is located in New York, where you can go to the Gershwin Theater, the Circus Theater Plaza, the Musical Radio, the Moma Museum of Modern Art, the Ed Sullivan Theater, the Plaza and at the Rockefeller Center, the busy Broadway and the Museum of American Art.

And the nearest Airport is at 9.5 kilometers from the hotel.

This Hotel has 665 rooms, which all have air conditioning, a private bathroom, a multi-line telephone and electronic locks.

The facilities, offer its guests daily newspapers, a reception service that open 24 hours, currency exchange and a cash machine.

If you go to the Hotel for work reasons, they have office services and wireless Internet connection, and the multilingual staff will help you in whatever you need and will provide you with information.

You can relax in the sauna, get fit in the gym and relax in the common living room.

Hotel Beacon

2130 Broadway at 75th Street, New York, NY, 10023, United States

The Beacon Hotel is cataloged with three stars and is located in New York.

A few meters from this hotel, we can find many leisure and tourist attractions, like the Natural Museum of American History, the John Lennon Memorial, the Metropolotana Opera, the Bethesda Fountain, the Space Museum, the Planetarium, the Lincoln Performing Arts Center, the Public Library, the Upper West District and the History Museum.

This hotel has 226 rooms, which are distributed over 24 floors. They all have for our comfort and relaxation of non-smoking rooms, air conditioning, desk, a private bathroom, wireless Internet and table iron.

The facilities also have a room service available 24 hours, security boxes at reception, a cinema, a laundry service, a restaurant and a meeting room.

The installations are enabled for people with disabilities.

Rented House:

Beautifully designed and renovated 1 bedroom in the heart of Manhattan. Soaring hight ceilings. Very sunny and quiet. Brand new bathroom Comes fully equipped with a queen memory foam bed and a pullout sofa set up to sleep up to 4 people. Located walking distance to the Empire State Building, Flatiron, Grand Central, and some of NYC’s best restaurants and night life. There are multiple subway lines very close by allowing you access to anywhere (Times Square, Etc.) you would want to go very quickly.

Huge 1 bedroom with very high ceilings. Comes fully furnished with 2 big beds.
Bedclothes, blankets, sheets, towels, iron, hair dryer, oven, microwave, fridge, coffeemaker. It’s newly renovated and furnished


Empire State Building is a skyscraper located at the intersection of Fifth Avenue and West 34th Street, in New York City, United States. Its name derives from the nickname of the State of New York. It was the tallest building in the world for more than forty years. The Empire State Building has been named by the American Society of Civil Engineers as one of the Seven Wonders of the modern world.

Central Park is a public urban park located in the metropolitan district of Manhattan, in the city of New York, United States. The park has a rectangular shape and approximate dimensions of 4000 x 800 m,
With about 37.5 million visitors a year, Central Park is the most visited park in the United States

Museum of Modern Art, is an art museum located in Midtown Manhattan (New York), at 11 West with 53rd Street and between Fifth and Sixth Avenue.
It has pieces such as The Starry Night by Van Gogh, Broadway Boogie-Woogie by Piet Mondrian, The Ladies of Avignon (1907) by Pablo Picasso, The persistence of Salvador Dalí’s memory and works by American artists such as Jackson Pollock, Andy Warhol and Edward Hopper.

Brooklyn Bridge connects the Manhattan and Brooklyn districts in New York City. It was built between 1870 and 1883. It was the largest suspension bridge in the world. It measures 1825 meters long) Since then, it has become one of the most recognizable symbols of New York.

Statue Of Liberty is one of the most famous monuments in New York, the United States and around the world. It is located on Liberty Island south of Manhattan Island. The Statue of Liberty was a gift from the French to the Americans in 1886 to commemorate the centenary of the Declaration of Independence of the United States and as a sign of friendship between the two nations.

Yankee Stadium is the park where the New York Yankees play. Opened in 2009. It has capacity for 54,25 spectators.

Times Squares an intersection of Manhattan (New York). It is located on the corner of Broadway Avenue and Seventh Avenue.
Times Squares has become a global icon and symbol of New York City that is characterized by its animation and bright advertising.

High Line Elevated Park is a 2.33 km linear park in the Manhattan district of New York. The High Line is an elevated green walkway and park on the rails of an old railway track.This park is located on an elevated section of the Est Side Line line of the former New York Central Railroad Railroad Company.


Typical dishes of New York:

  • Giant Pretzel
  • The Corned Beef on Rye
  • The Clam Chowder
  • The Waldorf salad
  • The Cheesecake
  • Hot dog


  • Benjamin Steakhouse

Type of kitchen: American

Address: 52 E 41st St, New York, NY 10017-6211

Some opinions: Amazing food and fabulous atmosphere, Great steaks and staff make Benjamin “a cut above”

  • Il Punto Ristorante

Type of kitchen: Italian and Mediterranean

Address: 507 9th Ave, Corner of 38th Street, New York, NY 10018

Some opinions: Excellent service and delicious food, Good food, Nice place and not very expensive

  • Fluffy’s Cafe & Pizzeria

Type of kitchen: American, Pizza, Coffee

Address: 370 W 58th St, corner of 9th Avenue, New York, NY 10019-1828

Some opinions: Excellent place to have breakfast and also a fast food. Everything clean, the food tasty, good service and very varied in the menus. A very accessible option with many healthy options.


New York was the capital of the United States from 1789 to 1790.

More than 47% of New York residents speak another language at home that is not English.

36% of the population of New York City has been born outside the United States.

The taxis are yellow because their founder realized that it was the color that the human eye sees the fastest.

The first pizzeria in the United States was opened in NYC in 1895.

New York City has the largest Chinese population of any city outside of Asia.

New York has the largest Puerto Rican population of any city in the world.

In 1857, toilet paper was invented by Joseph C. Gayetty in NYC.



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The hotel Bayswater inn it’s near from the hyde park and if you want, you can go hiking.This hotel it’s straightforward but the rooms are cute and they have a magnific prespective.You can ask for a breakfastbuffet .If you choose this hotel you can go to the oxford street, notting hill,west end, museums (3 kinds of museums),royal albert hall and more. It’s cheaper but it only have 3 stars.


The hotel DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel London is near from the center and The River Thames.This Hotel have the last technolody in this sector .You can eat in the bar seeing the awesome views of the river or eat a gourmet breakfast in the restaurant.You can take your pets in this hotel but you can’t smoke inside.This hotel is more expensive than the baywater inn hotel but it have 4 stars.


The hotel Aloft London Excel is next to the prince regent DLR station.You can enjoy live music and play some pool. The rooms are simple but pretty .this hotel havec a bar with and delicious deal and meeting rooms.The outside part of this hotel is very spectacular because is colourful and big.It have a gym ,swimingpool and a game room.It’s not too expensive .



The typical foods and drinks that you can drink there,are fish and chips,roast beef,yorkshire pudding, hot apple juice nad honey water


The best restaurants are:


-The golden chippy(seafood and fastfood)


-Tortellinicup London (Italian food)


-Maison d’etre (french food)


The best place you can go to have breakfast or have a snack is starbucks















The historical places of London are:
– Winchester Palace




– Fenton House

– Wellington Arc

– Kenwood House

– Eyecatcher



London is a city with many public transport. The best choice is the tube or underground, you can buy a Travelcard or Oyster to use it all the days you’re staying but also you can go with the bus, this two are cheaper than taxi. Another economic option is riding a bike.



In London the only currency that can be used is the pound,so if you’re from another country with a diferent currency you can change it at the airport or in your bank.

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Italy: It is the third country in the European Union that receives the most tourists per year, with Rome being the third most visited city.


Is a city in northeastern Italy and the capital of the Veneto region. Its situated across a group of 118 small island that are separated by canals and linked by bridges, of which there 400.

How to get to Venice?

  • Car
  • Airplane
  • Bus
  • Ship
  • Train


We have been looking for hotels and the ones we liked the most were these:

  • Hotel Palazzo Stern
  • Hotel L’Orologio
  • Hilton Molino Stucky Venice Hotel
  • Hotel Gabrielli
  • Hotel Moresco


The restaurants that we liked the most were:

  • Oro Restaurant
  • De Pisis
  • Club Del Doge
  • L’Osteria di Santa Marina
  • Do Leoni


1-Grand Canal of Venice: is almost 4 km long; it slides from the northwest tip of Venice, where the accesses to the mainland are, to the San Marcos dock, on the Adriatic Sea. The channel divides the city into two parts. It is said that the shore where the Plaza de San Marcos is located is more patrician and the opposite shore is more popular.





2-St. Mark’s Square: has always been the center of Venice. It was the location of all the important ones of the Republic of Venice, and it has been the base of the archbishopric since the 19th century. It was the focus of many festivals and is an extremely popular place in Italy even today.

3-St Mark’s Basilica: is the main Catholic temple of the city of Venice and the masterpiece of Byzantine architecture in the Veneto.

4-Bridge of Sighs: It is a baroque construction of the seventeenth century that gives access to the dungeons of the palace. It owes its name to the sighs of the prisoners who, from here, saw for the last time the sky and the sea. To access the bridge, follow the Secret Itinerary from inside the Doge’s Palace in Venice.

5-Ducal Palace of Venice: It is one of the symbols of the glory and power of Venice. Gothic building, its two most visible facades look towards the lagoon of Venice and the Plaza de San Marcos. The palace was the residence of the Doges, the seat of government and the court of justice and prison of the Republic of Venice.


Rome is the capital of Italy and a special comune. Rome also serves as the capital of the Lazio region. It is also centre of the Metropolitain City of Rome, which has a population of 4.3 milion residents. It is also the county’s most populated comune.


How to get to Rome?

  • Car
  • Airplane
  • Bus
  • Ship
  • Train


  • Gran Melia Rome
  • Hotel Nazionale
  • Relais de l’Opera
  • Barocco Hotel
  • Hassler Roma


  • La Pergola
  • La Porta del Principe
  • Somo
  • Metamorfosi restaurant
  • Maternatuta


1-Aqueduct of Segovia: It is a Roman aqueduct located in the Spanish city of Segovia. Its construction dates from the early 2nd century AD. C., at the end of the reign of Emperor Trajan or early of Hadrian. The most visible part, and therefore famous, is the arcade that crosses the Plaza del Azoguejo, in the city.

2-Roman Coliseum: It is an amphitheater from the time of the Roman Empire, built in the first century AD. C. and located in the center of the city of Rome.

3-The Church of San Pedro, Vatican: It is a Catholic temple located in the Vatican City.

4-Roman Forum: it was the central zone, similar to the central squares in the current cities, where the institutions of government, market and religion are located.

5-Trevi Fountain: one of the most famous Baroque fountains located in Rome.


Marina Ibáñez and Zaira Izquiero


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Miami is a city part located in the southeast of Florida, United States. It was founded on 28th of July of 1896. Acordins to the 2014 consus, it has with 417,650 population.

Miami counts with importants thedrers, museums, parks and scenic arts.

Miami mains four teams are the Miami Dolphin of the NFL, the Miami heat of the NBA, the  Miami Marlins of MLB.

Miami’s tropical weather allows for year-round autdoor activities.

You can find flights and hotels from 1150 Euros. The 3 stars hotels have an average price of 166 Euros and the 5 stars hotels have an average of 353 Euros.

There are a garden, museum and architecture called “villa vizcaya”. You can visit Miami Seaquarium and Jungle Island, and Blue logan, too.

You can go to this famous restaurants: Versavillas Cuban Bakery, Camila’s Restaurants and Restorás Croker Borrel.

Some famous persons for exemple: Julio Iglesias, Gloria Estefan or Bee Gees was residents of Miami for decedes.


Judith Mohino                                                  Yaiza Suñé                                                       Maria Molina


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Travel Guide: Japan

  1. Historic Context

The capital of Japan is Tokyo and is located in the Kanto region of Honshu Island.

Its governor is Yuriko Koike. The population of Japan is 126 million people.

Japanese is spoken in Japan, the Ainu and the family of Ryukyuenses languages.

In addition, Chinese, English, Portuguese, Filipino, French and Spanish are used in an extended manner.

The majority religions in Japan are Shintoism and Buddhism.

Japan is a constitutional monarchy whereby the power of the Emperor is very limited.



Gracery Ginza/ 117 euros per person. This hotel is in Tokyo.

This hotel can offer you this: Free WIFI, air conditioner, rooms for non-smokers, resrtaurant, multilinigual staff and  disabled access. This hotel is ubicated in 7-10-1 Ginza, Chuo-ku,Tokyo 104-0061 Japan.

The Celestine Tokyo Shiba/ 113 euros per person. This hotel is in Tokyo. This hotel has got free WIFI, spa, parking and conditioner air.  This hotel is ubicated in 3-23-1 Shiba Minato-ku, 105-0014, Tokyo, Japan.

3. Place to visit

-Excursion to Mount Fuji and Lake Ashi/ 111 euros per person.

-Disneyland Tokyo entrance/60 euros per person.


It leaves from 7.50 in the morning at the airport of Barcelona and lands at the airport of Haneda in Tokyo at 7.35 of the morning 1 day after/ 620 euros per person.


Tempura Tsunahachi it’s a restaurant in Tokyo. This restaurant is ubicated in 3-31-8 Shinjuku 160-0022, prefecture of Tokyo.

Tou Soba it’s a restaurant in Tokyo. This restaurant is ubicated in Kowa build. 1F,2-22-6 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo.

6.Did you know that?

It is forbidden to smoke in the streets because of the risk of burning someone.

The percentage of suicides is very high.

Miguel Ángel, Andreu, Alex

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Resultado de imagen de finland

1.Historic Context

The Republic of Finland is a soveregin state in the Northen Europe. The capital is Helsinki and the language are English and Swedish. The religión are Evangelical Lutheran church and Othodox church.  There are 5.503.297 persons in Finland.

Resultado de imagen de finland

This is the map of Finland with the capital Helsinki.This map is very long and have a lot of cities with differents names.

Finland is in the middle of Russia and Sweden and have a sea.

The capital Helsinki is in the Sud of Finland next to the city Porvoo.

Resultado de imagen de finland

And this is the flag from Finland with a cross blue and white background.

The right line of the cross is longer than all the others.


The hotel is Lapland Hotel Cuostotuntari. Price of hotel is 130$ for person night.

3. Places to visit

– Tourist bus from Helsinki

-Refugi of Santa Claus leave.=free


We went out 16 of February at 07.30 and we arrived at 12.35.

We come back 23 of February at 08.30 and we arrived at 13.35.

This plane is the cheapest that we have found and with the days we prefer.


-Restaurant Happiness Thai wife: from 9.90$for person.

This is one of the best buffet in Finland.The food in this restaurant is delicious and have a famous chef.

The food you eat freshly made bacouse the chefs are very quickly cooking.And the priece from this restaurant is very    inexpensive because the food is delicious.

6.Did you know that?

We love Finland because we know the campeonat of the world of hockey down ice.

We didn’t know that Finland is the maxim consumidor of café in a world.

Finns like to use bronzers.

In Finland there were more mens than womens because in 2014 a lot of womens went to live to another countries to work well.

In Finland higher salaries because the quality of life there is higher.

An introverted Finnish looks at his shoes when he speaks to you; an extroverted Finnish looks at your shoes to you.

Resultado de imagen de finlandeses son los maximos consumidores de cafe en el mundo


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Travel Guide Chile

Chile is in South America, the capital Santiago de Chile is a beautiful city and the official lenguage of there is Spanish.There are some indigenous with a different culture.The western part of Chile is touching the Pacific Ocean.It is a very long and narrow country.It has natural parks and one of the longest mountain ranges in the world, Los Andes.                A famous gastronomy of Chile is the Empanada de Pino.

The largest monument is La Costanera Center, this monument have 200 meters high.The most know monument in Chile is called El Palacio De La Moneda, is from the year 1784. Plaza de Armas is other of the most famous monuments, site where the Hispanic conqueror, founded the city in 1510.                                                                                                    The cathedral of Santiago is called Catedral Metropolitana, is the one of the most old buildings.

If you want to know works of art, weapons … you should see the National Historical Museum.

In the South of Chile lives a population called the Mapuches and they have their own language and a different culture with the other part of the population of Chile, now the Mapuches and the Chilean people are confronted.

The current president of Chile is called Michelle Bachelet in the elections of last year won his opposition party, and in March he began to legislate the new president named Sebastian Piñera.


Palacio de la Moneda

Catedral Metropolitana

La Costanera Center


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Oliver Twist – Charles Dickens

0liver Twist explica com un nen orfe aconsegueix escapar dels seus “pares” adoptius que el tenien només per fer els treballs bruts. Va anar desde Mudfog fins a Londres i al camí es va trobar un noi que li oferiria una casa i menjar a canvi de col.laborar treballant de lladre. afortunadament un home que es victima del seu robatori li aconsegueix una bona vida i finalment l’ acollirà. A mi és un llibre que m’ ha agradat i ho recomendaria molt

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