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E-twinning European certificate ! (6th grade)


Hello 6th grade students !

La plataforma E-twinning d’Agermanaments Europeus ens ha concedit l’European Certificate pel nostre projecte amb l’Escola St. Paul de Kielce (Poland).

L’he editat i penjat per si el voleu descarregar per penjar-ho a casa vostra com a record. Heu de fer click a la icona DOWNLOAD i el podreu emmagatzemar al vostre ordinador. o imprimir fent click al PRINT button.

Moltes Felicitats per la vostra feina al llarg d’aquest curs 2009-2010.

Oscar 😀

Match the kit (3rd, 4th, 5th & 6th grade)


Hello 3rd, 4th, 5th & 6th grade boys and girls !

More football activities related to the World Cup!

Look at the footballers. What are they wearing?

Select the 5 correct items correclty and click on the TICK.

Tell me which level you can reach !

Ex: I reached level _______ !


Beat the keeper (3rd, 4th, 5th & 6th grade)


Hello 3rd, 4th, 5th & 6th grade students !

Today, the Football World Cup has started in South Africa. Here you can practise some vocabulary related to football and score goals.

Tell me in a comment how many goals are you able to score !

Ex: I’ve scored ____ goals.


Smileys (6th grade)


Hello 6th grade students! Have you ever heard of smileys?

I’m sure you have already used them in your e-mails or in your Messenger conversations. Here you have their meaning ! Copy their meaning next to the correct symbol.

Ex: I got _____ answers correct.


Order the sentences (6th grade)


Hi, 6th grade boys and girls ! How many sentences are you able to put in order in this activity ?

Read the instructions carefully and copy the sentences in order.

Tell me in a comment your results !

Ex: I got _____ correct sentences in this activity.


Wavin’ Flag (6th grade)


Hello 6th grade students !

South Africa’s World Cup is going to start today at four o’clock in the afternoon. South-Africa-Mexico is the first game of the competition !

You know that “Wavin’ Flag” is the World Cup Theme song but the original song is this one and it has a different meaning !

Enjoy the video and tell me what do you think of it !

Have a nice day !

Paint it: Flags ! (3rd grade)


Hi, 3rd grade students ! On the beach there are a lot of flags. Remember

Green – You can swim !

Yellow – Be careful !

Red – You can’t swim !

Click on the image and colour the flag correctly !


Seaweed Safari (3rd grade)


Hello 3rd grade pupils ! Can you collect all the shells and money from the sea ?

If you get the books, you will learn some fun facts about animals in the sea !

Tell me in a comment your results !

Ex: My score in the game is ________ points.


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