5th level

Last Monday, the 5th graders could enjoy Dr. Frankenstein theatre play!!

we got scared, we had fun and we were an active part in the play by dancing and acting like pros.



This is Maria having her brain taken off!! scary...







Head shoulders knees and toes song:


Follow the link to start playing really funny games:




Activity 1

Activity 2

Activity 3

Activity 4

Activity 5

Activity 6

Activity 7

Activity 8





You can watch this video to learn how to use comparatives and superlatives in English. Click on the following link.



Here you’ve got some irregular adjectives. You should learn them by heart.

















You can practise some exercises using there is and there are.





More exercises to practise PRESENT CONTINUOUS.

You can print this sheet with your marks.


Practise the verb To Be.











Learn some actions using present continuous.










Here you can learn more about THERE IS and THERE ARE


Imatge de previsualització de YouTube


Tom explained to us Bonfire night


Bonfire night

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  • laia sanchez vaques (3 anys)

    Maria I look the video TO BE, it’s very fun and happy, I learn a lot.
    I LOVE YOU !!!!!!!

  • Carles Gil (3 anys)

    Hello, I’m Carles. I love basketball and sports. We have PE lessons twice a week. We do badminton and front-on. After school I play basketball in Òdena, I’m in his team. There are children from 1st to 6th grades.
    Good bye and see you later!!


  • jordi calaf rosell (3 anys)

    Hello my name is jordi.
    My PE lessons two days a week in to the school.
    The PE of the school in to the classthe sports It’s fronton, badminton, little, football and football.
    It’s very very fantastic in to the school!!!

  • Adrià Mensa Valls (3 anys)

    I like sport a lot,Ihave PE lessons two times a week.
    I play a lot of sports: fotball,basketball,handbol,swim and atlethic.
    When school finishes,I play football in Òdena.
    I am in a team in Òdena, and I’m the goalkepeer.
    Good bye and have a good week!!!

  • Carlota Carbassa Solé (3 anys)

    Hello Maria. I like the sports and I like english

  • Maria Isaac Parra (3 anys)

    Hello I’m Maria I’m ten years old.I like sports.we have PE lesson two times a week.In the school I play basketball,badminton,run,dance.
    After school I go riding,play basketball and football with my brother,and basketball with my dad and my mum

  • alba (3 anys)

    Hello, I’m Alba. I don’t like sport . We have PE lessons twice a week .We play badminton,basketball and football. I go to dance lessons after school with my friend Nerea . Nerea is a very good dancer. I am not in any team, but Nerea yes.
    Bye Bye

  • Èric (3 anys)

    Hello I’m Èric and I’ve got nine years old.I like sports a lot ,in the school in the school that I go I do PE two times a week and sometimes do football ,basketball.A lot of times we do badminton and skkiting.After school sometimes I do english and sometimes I do handball except Friday.On Friday I play with friends.And I’m in handball team Igualada .It’s vary funny and I play a lot

  • Ana Garcia Lopez (3 anys)

    Hi I’m Ana.I love sports and my favourite sport is football.
    I have 3 PE lessons a week on Monday,Thursday and Friday.At school,I play
    football,badminton,basketball,go running…
    After school,I go swimming.Sometimes I do races.


  • laia sanchez vaques (3 anys)

    I’m Laia, I don’t like sport, but I have PE lessons twice a week.
    In the school I do gymnastics and sometimes I play badminton, football and often I play basketball.
    After school I go to cook in a Cívic Centre on Saturdays.
    I usually go riding with my uncle in summer and spring and I go to the park in front of my house to play and ride my bike: I do excursions through tracks with my friends and my family.
    I am not in any team.
    I love my life!

  • Carlota Carbassa Solé (3 anys)

    It’s true Laia !!!!!!!!!!

  • Carlota Carbassa Solé (3 anys)

    Hello. I am Carlota and I have 10 years old.
    I like all the sports but I don’t like football and waterpolo. Durins the week I only have one PE lessons.
    In the school I play badminton, mate, front-on, basketball, football…
    When I finish the school, on Fridays I go to dance, but I’m not in eny team.

    Bye bye

  • Joel Giménez Planell (3 anys)

    Hello!!! I’m Joel Giménez Planell.

    I love sports . I have PE lessons twoice a week . At schoolwe play batminton , basketball , football & fronton . After school I do football , athletics & eanglish at a eanglish school that is called kids&us . I’m at a fotballteam that is called CFSÒ (CLUB FUTBOL SALA ÒDENA) & at the athletic team too that is called CAI (CLUB ATLETIC IGUALADA)



    JOEL G.P.

  • gal.la godó (3 anys)

    Hello, my name is Gal.la
    I love sport, I am practice everyday of the week and saturday. My favourite sport is basketball. I play basketball in “Club basquet Igualada” I train 4 days of the week and on saturday I play a mach. I also dance after school.
    We have PE on monday and thursday. Now we do “frontón” and batminton.
    Bye bye ,see you soon.

  • Laia Ramirez Osorio (3 anys)

    I like sport very much.
    We have PE lesson twice a week.At school ,i play badminton ,frontal and athletics.After school ,i swim,run and ride a bike .
    I am not in any team.
    Good bye Maria.

  • Aimas sanchez (3 anys)

    Hello, I’m Aimar
    I like sport.Ihave PE lessons twoice a week.At schoolwe
    play football , badminton and fronton.After school , my fevourite
    sport is football I play futball,basketball and jambol. in poliesportiu,
    I train 2 days of the week.
    And bulging scool 5.

    Bye Bye

    See you soon.

  • aitana (3 anys)

    Hello i love sports,i have 2pe lessons a week and in the school, I play badminton, fronton and yoga . After the school i dance in atrezzo an do gymnastics . I am with 2 teams ,with dance and with gymnastics

  • Gal.la poch (3 anys)

    Hi! i’m Gal.la. i don’t like sportsvery much, but i love basketball!!!. We have two times a week . In the school practics badminton and fronton . after school practics english with Laura.

  • I like sports and i have PE lessons twice a week.
    I do not do sports after school.
    In the school i play badminton ,frontis and before juggling played.
    Plays sports on Mondays an Thursdays at the week.
    But I’m not in any team.

  • mirta san jose romeu (3 anys)

    no surten els videos i no puc fer la fitxa dels animal habitats.

  • alba berzosa montells (3 anys)

    I don´t like sport,I´ve got PE lessons twice a week in the school.At school I practise these sports:badminton,fronton and pichi,practise sports after school,I´m not in any teams,our PE lessons are fantastic.

  • alba fernandez baños (3 anys)

    i like sports.We have PE lessons four times a week.The sports im my school are football and basketball.After school i go swimming with and i play football team

    Alba,10,Nova york

  • Daniel Urgeles Cabeza (3 anys)

    I like sport and i have PE lessons a twice a week . In PE lessons can play five sports : football , basketball , badminton and front on.After school i practise football , handball , basketbball , and more sports in the Poliesportiu . Also i have catalan dance . I ‘ m in the 1 team of the Ramon Castelltort , swich is the team of my school .

    Bye , bye

  • Alba Guerrero (3 anys)

    I’m Alba I like sport. I have 2 lessons of PE in the week. In PE lessons we play badminton, football, we run/do athletics, do exercises, basketball, skipping…
    I don’t do any sports after school. So, I’m not in any team
    Bye, Bye

  • Martí Pérez Romero (3 anys)

    I like sport a lot.I have PE lessons twice a week.We play badminton and fronton.I go to the sports club after school too.I’m in the hockey team and I practise different sports out-of-school activities for example:
    basketball,handball and five-a-side football.

    Bye bye

    Martí Pérez

  • Raul Cupsea (3 anys)

    I’m Raul. I’m ten years old.
    I like differents sports but my favorite sport is football.
    I have PE twice a week. I play badminton at school. I don’t like it.
    After school, I do homeworks at home. I like to lisen music too.
    Bye bye!

  • Carlota Colell Romero. (3 anys)

    Hello !
    I am Carlota Colell Romero and I am 10 years old. I love sports, like padel and basketball. I do PE lessons on Tuesday, Friday and Thursday. I play badminton, football, basketball and handball. After school, I go to play padel. I go to poliesportiu of the school and we’ve got a Team. Some days we have some competitions.

  • Arnau Pujol Vives (3 anys)

    I like sport very much, we have PE lessons twice a week. We play football, badminton, do athletics, fronton and basketball. I don’t like basketball. I go to football training after school because I love it. I’m in a football team.

  • rania ayatt (3 anys)

    Hi my name is Rana. And I like sports I do PE lessons in a week . And in the school I do gymnastics . After school I go swimming or go to Engish lessons . I´m not any team.

    Good Bye!!!

  • Hi! I´m Jan Tardà .
    I like sport a lot .I practise sport in school.Have lessons on
    Monday and Thursday in the afternoon .I practise sports
    on Friday morning, the sports that i practise:
    are football,basketball, handbol,mazaball and one day i swim.
    I´ m play a match on Saturdays .My team wing a lot of matches.I like
    a lot sport.

  • Anas Mehni (3 anys)

    Hi I’m Anas I love sports, I have PE lessons twice a week and at school I play football. After school I go swimming at Tuesdays and Thursdays, so I’m not in any teams.
    Anas Mehni.

  • mirta san jose romeu (3 anys)

    Hello! I’m Mirta San José romeu and I’m 10 years old. I go to school Pare Ramon Castelltort i Miralda. I LOVE sports, and i have PE lessons. I like (love) animals, my favorite animal is dog and cat.
    Good Bye!!!!!

  • yeray moreno vidal (3 anys)

    I like sport a lot.I have PE lessons twice a week.We play badminton and fronton.I go to the sports club after school too.I’m in the gimnastic team and I practise different sports out-of-school activities for example:
    basketball,handball and five-a-side football.

    Bye bye

    Yeray Moreno

  • raul sanchez carricondo (3 anys)

    I like sport a lot.We have PE lessons twice a week. We play fronton and badminton. I go to the sport club football school too. I’m in the football team and I’m in the basketball team.
    Raul, 9, Barcelona.

  • gerard araguas (3 anys)

    I like sports. My favorite are basketball,football and tennis.
    I do two hours of sports week at school.
    I made swiming a few years.
    I think it´s good for me to do sport.
    Weekends i go with my father in mountains biking, i like to go through the small rivers.
    I do in school gymnastics.

    Gerard, 10, Igualada.

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